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Umez Foundation

For African Growth & Development

Some TV Interviews & Speeches by Prof. Umez

Travel Ban, Community Development, Liberating the African mind

CBS Interview of Umez on the Travel Ban imposed upon Nigeria by President Donald Trump - Click here.

Analysis of the Meaning and the Real Impact of the Travel Ban on Nigeria

Community Engagement, Building & Development of Nigerians in Houston, Texas

Empowerment through the Logic of Collective Action

Liberating the African Mind

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Nigeria Compared to other OPEC Countries

Celebrating a Hero: Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Asụsụ ejiwelụ mụọ mmadụ dị mkpa nke uku

Chịa obodo gị nke ọma

A Feeling of Inferiority is a Disease - far worse than Kwashiorkor!

Stop self-hatred. Stop self-destruction. Love your fellow Citizen! 
Liberating the African Mind

"Nigerians hate themselves and love foreigners" (6 Min. 4 Sec.)

A feeling of Inferiority is a dangerous disease

What is really "African Time"? (I Min. 3 Sec.)

It is selective punctuality rooted in the feeling of Inferiority

Are all animals created equal? (I Min. 23 Sec.)

Let us go into regligion and find out

Real Solution to destructive Leadership Style (I Min. 50 Sec.)

A Liberated African mind is the Solution

Job Openings in Houston, Texas

Looking for a Job in Houston, Texas? Search (Jobs I - Jobs VI below) and apply without leaving your house. Job Listings are automatically updated; so, visit this webiste as often as you can. [NOTE that Umez Foundation is not responsible for any of the openings and does not work for any of the companies; as such, it cannot be held responsible for anything. Contact the companies directly.] Good luck, and God's blessings!

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We must not Sleep! To look elsewhere at the sight of wrong is amoral.
 Indeed, "The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."  -- Steven Biko

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