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Umez Foundation (UF)

Petition to President Goodluck Jonathan

Please Cut the Outrageous Pay of Nigerian Legislators
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May 5, 2014


                                                                                                                                Dr. Bedford N. Umez

                                                                                                                                Professor of Government, Lee College

                                                                                                                                Box 818, Baytown, Texas 77522 USA

                                                                                                                                Phone: 832-731-7061 or 281-425-6368

                                                                                                                                Email: or


TO:         Goodluck Jonathan [GCFR], President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Aso Rock Villa, Asokoro District, Abuja
CC:         David Mark [GCON], Senate President, National Assembly Complex Three Arms Zone P.M.B 141  Abuja
CC:         Aminu Tambuwal [CFR], Speaker, House of Reps., National Assembly Complex, P.M.B 141 Abuja
CC:         All the 36 Governors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
CC:         Aloma Maryam Mukhtar, GCON, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
CC:         Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Minister of Finance, Federal Republic of Nigeria
CC:         Abdulwahed Omar, President, Nigerian Labor Congress, NLC
CC:         Barack Obama, President, United States, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500
CC:         Joseph Biden, Vice President/US Senate President, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20500
CC:         Harry Reid, Majority Leader, the US Senate, 522 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
CC:         John Boehner, Speaker, the US House of Reps., 1011 Longworth H.O.B., Washington, DC  20515
CC:         International Monetary Fund (IMF), 720 19th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20431



Your Excellency,



Table 1: Nigerian Legislators’ Pay Compared to other Nations*

(1)  US Congressmen, $174,000.00/year  (or $14,500/month)

(2)  UK Parliamentarians, $64,000.00/year  (or $5,333/month)

(3)  Nigerian Senators, $1.7 Million or N280.5 Million/year

                  ($141,667.00 or N23.4 Million/month)

       Nigerian House of Reps., $1.45 Million or N239.3 Million/year

                   ($120,833.00 or N20 million/month)

(4)  An average civil servant in Nigeria earns about $46 - $120 or N8,000.00 – N20,000.00/month (or N96,000 – N240,000/year)


*Source: Denrele Animasaun (August 25, 2013), “Nigerian Legislators are the highest paid in the world,” Vanguard. [For full report, visit: OR Click on this link:



IMPLICATION: It will take at least 97 years for an average civil servant in Nigeria (earning N240,000 annually) to make N23.4 million – the monthly pay of a Nigerian Senator or 83 years to make N20 million – the monthly pay of a Nigerian House of Rep. Here is the simply math: N23.4 million/N240,000 = 97.5 years or N20 million/N240,000 = 83.3 years.


Exchange Rate: 1 US Dollar equals 165 Nigerian Naira (03/30/ 2014)

On the 15th of March, 2014, “twenty-three Nigerian job seekers who left their homes to sit for the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment examination did not return home alive. They were trampled to death” ( Thousands fainted from stampede and exhaustion, as 60,000 of them scrambled for an examination that will only create about 4,000 jobs – nationwide.


Your Excellency, this tragedy is a clear testimony of the deplorable economic condition in Nigeria. So many university graduates in Nigeria have been jobless for years. Nigeria is in a deep economic depression with a frightening unemployment rate, despite its abundance in resources.


Mr. President, no nation can claim to care for its citizens until it starts addressing its core problems. Nigeria, as Your Excellency knows, has so many serious problems and challenges – mostly, man-made – but none is more disheartening than the gross inequity in wealth distribution, exemplified by the inconceivable pay (salary plus allowances) of Nigerian legislators. [See Table 1, Vanguard newspaper report, August 25, 2013, and the enclosed six reports on jumbo pay of Nigerian legislators.] Your Excellency, such pay scale clearly shocks conscience. Here is how Professor Sola Adeyeye, a former member of Nigerian House of Representatives, now a sitting Senator and the Vice-Chairman of Education Committee, expressed the outlandish, oversized pay of Nigerian legislators in an interview:


“Twice I made a statement that was carried by some newspapers to the effect that if Nigerians know how much we in the National Assembly were making, they would come and stone all of us. I would park my car in front of the National Assembly and I would load the trunk with stones so that there would be enough stones to stone everybody, including myself. Unfortunately, as things are in Nigeria, nobody thought my revelation was worthy of being followed up, and things have since gone from bad to worse.” - Prof. Sola Adeyeye []


Mr. President, the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor in Nigeria is totally unjustifiable, inexcusable, and uncalled for. Millions of workers in Nigeria are grossly underpaid. An average civil servant in Nigeria barely earns $120 (or N20,000) a month. Indeed, to know that an average civil servant in Nigeria will never earn the monthly pay of a Nigerian Senator (N23.4 million) in his or her life time is an outrage - it is wrong, cruel, and unconscionable. Put differently, it will take at least 97 years for an average Nigerian civil servant to earn what a Nigerian Senator makes in a month. Alternatively, consider, Mr. President, how many jobs the annual pay of Nigerian legislators can create each year. In fact, an annual pay of a Nigerian senator (N280.5 million) will employ, each year, 1,169 Nigerian civil servants, earning N20,000 per month. Similarly, an annual pay (N239.3 million) of a Nigerian member of the House of Representatives will employ 997 Nigerian civil servants (earning N20,000 per month). All told, Nigerian legislators (109 Senators plus 360 House of Representatives) are earning what would employ, each year, about half a million Nigerian civil servants, earning N20,000 per month. Mr. President, this is unacceptable.

Despite the outraged conscience of our nation; despite the alarming unemployment rate in our country; despite nonpayment of pensions to civil servant retirees; despite worldwide condemnation over this bogus pay, no serious effort has been made to address it. We now ask you, Mr. President, to please take this issue to legislators without hesitation: Do it now!

Mr. President, nature, in its prodigal spirit, bestowed upon Nigeria a “tree” that practically “prints” money – and that tree is our crude oil. This is a blessing for Nigeria, and other OPEC nations (e.g., Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, among others). In addition, Nigeria receives millions of dollars each year in financial aid from many countries, particularly the United States of America. Unfortunately, the income flow from this crude oil and other natural resources, and the substantial foreign aid is not only being squandered, mismanaged and misappropriated, the left-over is now being devoured through bogus pay to our legislators. This is wrong – deadly wrong!

Mr. President, here are the ultimate questions: What could have been the justification for this outlandish pay of our legislators in the face of massive, chronic unemployment in Nigeria? What could have been the justification for the unconscionable pay of our legislators in the face of worn-out, run-down, neglected infrastructure in our country? Mr. President, there is no justification! Nigeria, an OPEC country, still lacks basic infrastructure readily available in other OPEC countries: Nigerian hospitals have been in utter decay as most of our leaders travel abroad for medical checkup and treatment; Nigerian schools have been totally abandoned as most of our leaders send their children to universities in foreign countries; so many towns in Nigeria do not have tarred roads, electricity, and clean water. Basic needs, namely, food, shelter and clothing, are still out of reach for an average Nigerian – a fact that goes without saying. Consequently, average life expectancy in Nigeria today is placed at 52 years compared to 75 years in Saudi Arabia, for instance (World Bank, CIA). So, Mr. President, how can our legislators budget and allocate for themselves – yes, for themselves – such outlandish pay? Even in the face of good governance, as in industrialized countries; even in the face of great abundance, as in industrialized societies, such outrageous pay has no justification whatsoever.

Your Excellency, notice that Nigerian Constitution, for all intents and purposes, was written "for the purpose of promoting the good government and welfare of all persons in our country." All Nigerian legislators swore an oath before God and man to uphold, and defend our Constitution. They must act NOW in complete obedience to that oath by carrying out the responsibilities and mandates of our constitution – “promoting the good government and welfare of all persons in our country.”

Accordingly, we, fellow Nigerians, ask your administration to please take this bogus pay to the legislators themselves, and ask them to please slash their pay (salary and allowances) in line with the economic depression in Nigeria, and apply the excess funds to meaningful avenues and infrastructure that will create good-paying, meaningful jobs for Nigerians. It is right in the eyes of man; it is right in the eyes of God.


Mr. President, we would like to share with you one disturbing lesson learned during the three-week period of collecting signatures for this petition: So many Nigerians are simply too afraid to ask

their democratic government to serve them better. Consider, for instance, this email:


"You are therefore authorized to add my name or rather sign the petition for me.

Hope it  doesn’t affect me negatively in Nigeria because here in Nigeria you don’t talk

when anything is wrong or you  are dealt with.” – T.C.


This should not be the case in any democracy. Indeed, Nigeria is not run by a military junta.

We thank you for listening, and look forward for an announcement of the NEW pay of Nigerian legislators.


May God bless Nigeria and be with you in your efforts to improve the lives of our people.



Yours Faithfully,



Fellow Nigerians:

  1. Prof. Bedford N. Umez, Baytown, Texas USA (Author of the Petition)
  2. Nwamaka Erih, Houston, Texas USA
  3. Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, Houston, Texas USA
  4. Dr. Obiora Abiakam, Houston, Texas USA
  5. Abraham Madu, Houston, Texas USA
  6. Barrister Nnabuike Edechime, Nigeria
  7. Dr. Hyginus Chukwu, Houston, Texas USA
  8. Chief Prince Teddy Dike, New York USA
  9. Eric Umeh, Dallas, Texas USA
  10. Edmond Umeh, Dallas, Texas USA
  11. Ephraim Eke, Dallas, Texas USA
  12. Elias Udechime, Maryland, USA
  13. Rev. Cyril Nwamma, Lagos, Nigeria
  14. Dr. Johnnie Nwogwugwu, Houston, Texas USA
  15. Pious Urama, Maryland USA
  16. Eunice Urama, Maryland USA
  17. Kelechi Urama, Maryland USA
  18. Ifeanyi Urama, Maryland USA
  19. Uchenna Easy Ojonta, Houston, Texas USA
  20. Chibuzo Achuama
  21. Geoffrey C. Nwosu, Esq
  22. Nnabuike J. Ezeokeke, California, USA
  23. Chioma Ezeokeke, Lagos Nigeria
  24. Dr. Emmanuel Ezeokeke, Carlifornia USA
  25. Kennedy Arinze
  26. Sir Tony O. Ogbodo
  27. C. Emeka Okafor, Maplewood New Jersey, USA
  28. Chijoke Chinedum Onuoha, Washington DC USA
  29. Chris Onuorah, Virgina, USA
  30. Debbie D. Ikedi
  31. Demetria Murphy
  32. Beneth Okpala, Houston, Texas USA
  33. Emaido Hailey, Houston, Texas USA
  34. Amaechi Nwoye, Boston, Massachusetts USA
  35. Michael Ola, Houston, Texas
  36. Chief Cyril C. Nwaguru, Detroit MI USA
  37. Emmanuel Mefom, California USA
  38. Ezindu Jessica
  39. Jane Omenta, Enugu Nigeria
  40. Sam Onyemaechi Obi, Houston, Texas USA
  41. Golden Chukwu, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  42. Emeka Aladume,Houston, Texas USA
  43. Chibuzo Nweke
  44. Johnny Anyaegbuna, Dallas, Texas USA
  45. Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba
  46. Professor Jeff Ohanaja, Houston, Texas USA
  47. Ephraim O. Obi, Esq., Los Angeles, California
  48. Deborah Chinyere Ikedi
  49. Nkwoemezie Timothy
  50. Dr. Chris Chiwetelu, Canada
  51. Professor Amaka Donn, Lancaster, California USA
  52. Dr. Eze Sunny Udeh, New York City, USA
  53. J. Linus Nworie, Houston Texas USA
  54. Taiwo Olowu, Lagos Nigeria
  55. Engr. Ade Oluwasogo, PE/TE, Oakland, California USA
  56. Ezekiel E. Egwim, New York City USA
  57. Kennedy Iwunnah, Dallas, Texas USA
  58. Barrister Okwudili Onwurah, Lagos Nigeria
  59. Nzelueaka Chris Okafor
  60. Professor Jerry Chukwu Stephens, Fort Lauderdale , FL. U.S.A.
  61. Akunnia Agubuzo, Maryland, USA
  62. Amby Agubuzo, Maryland, USA
  63. Francis Agu, Abuja, Nigeria
  64. Theresa Agu, Abuja, Nigeria
  65. Anthony Edozie, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
  66. Professor Nick Ekwunife Muoneke, Houston, Texas USA
  67. Emeka Ezeokeke, San Jose, CA. USA
  68. Nkoli Ezeokeke, San Jose, CA. USA
  69. Taiye Doherty
  70. Young C. Okelu, Canada
  71. Blessing Ogugua
  72. Maazi Cy. Aninta, Washington DC, USA‏
  73. Bright Ehienulo
  74. Prof. Austin Chike Emeagwai, Memphis, Tennessee USA
  75. Dr. Madueke Ekoh, Gainesville VA USA
  76. JOHNNY A. MEZ, Ph.D., CPA, Elk Grove, CA USA
  77. Ike Ogbodo, Atlanta, Georgia USA
  78. Charles Chigozie Amadi from Awaka, Owerri North LGA, Imo State, Nigeria
  79. Ayo Ogundele, McKinney, Texas USA
  80. Ezeana Igirigi Achusim, Odi-Isaa, Chicago IL USA
  81. Emmanuel Ige
  82. Olumide Simeon
  83. Oberhi Majoroh
  84. Tukobam Mba
  85. Ekoh Isaac
  86. CAJE OLEFORO, Lagos Nigeria
  87. Ado-Odo Ota,Ogun state, Nigeria
  88. Akin Tunde Odeyemi, Nigeria
  90. Adedamola Dada, Nigeria
  91. Olusola Adesina, Nigeria
  92. Chukwuemeka Edeh
  93. Kenneth Evbuomwan, Nigeria
  94. OGBIMI IZOBO JOHN, Delta state, Nigeria
  95. Emenike Amaobi, Nigeria
  96. Arinze Ketebu Nkwoji, Nigeria
  97. Sunday Lawrence, Nigeria
  98. Godfrey Egedegbe, Nigeria
  99. CHINEDU CHIZOBA, Nigeria
  100. Samuel Duke, Nigeria
  101. Okoh Patrick, Nigeria
  102. Adeniyi Philip, Nigeria
  103. Eddy Gril, Warri, Nigeria
  104. Oluwa Gbeminija, Nigeria
  105. Godson Green, Nigeria
  106. Sunday KEHINDE, Nigeria
  107. Adebayo Israel Taiye, Nigeria
  108. Nicho Oyio, Nigeria
  109. Bolaji Mends, Nigeria
  110. Chidi Oli, Nigeria
  111. Joseph.O Abulu, Nigeria
  112. Isaac Ekoh, Nigeria
  113. Jonathan Okey Okafor, P.E., Virginia, USA
  114. Nze Uche-D Duru, Nigeria
  115. Onah Edwin, Nigeria
  116. Dom-Martins, Chibueze, Nigeria
  117. Akhator Emmanuel, Nigeria
  118. Seyi Erinola, Nigeria
  119. Buchi Young, Nigeria
  120. Izuchukwu Kelvin Okoye, Nigeria
  121. Chief felix Ikeanyionwu
  122. Princess Nike Ikeanyionwu
  123. Emeka Ikeanyionwu
  124. Ugochukwu Ikeanyionwu
  125. Ezenwa Ikeanyionwu
  126. Uchechukwu Ikeanyionwu
  127. Ativie Idemudia, Lagos, Nigeria
  128. Engr. Ike Onyenokwe, Nigeria
  129. Augustine Ekpete, Nigeria
  130. Benedict Ubu, Belgium
  131. David Eze, Hawthorne, CA, USA
  132. Goddy Nelson - Abia, Nigeria
  133. Harrison Charles
  134. Leonard edward, Nigeria
  135. Ogudu Ezinwa, Nigeria
  136. A. O. Egharevba, Nigeria
  137. John Michael, Nigeria
  138. John Ngbede, Nigeria
  139. Chief Celestine Obi, Florida USA.
  140. Dr. Emeka Clifford Obi, Los Angeles California, USA
  141. Engr Dapo Fakorede, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria
  142. Dr. Jude O. Ejimakor, Houston, Texas USA
  143. Prosper NWOGU, Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria
  144. Irikefe Lucky Erhiakeme, Nigeria
  145. Sopuruchukwu Ike, Mgbidi Nigeria
  146. Anthonia Ilo, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  147. Ogodie Ikeanyionwu, Mgbidi Nigeria
  148. Dr. Ejelonu, B. C.
  149. Jude Obinna
  150. Alfred Una, Nigeria
  151. Emmanuel Chukwukadibia, Toronto Ontario, Canada
  152. Adeyemi Temitope, Nigeria
  153. Johnmartin Ani, Nigeria
  154. Joe Agu
  155. Isaac Femi Renner
  156. Buchi Francis
  157. Funnmy Sowande, Nigeria
  158. Stella Lebi, Maryland
  159. Mr. John I. Asiegbu California, USA
  160. Engineer Michael A. Adeyemo, Nigeria
  161. Olusegun Daniel, Nigeria
  162. Bankole Lawani, Nigeria
  163. John Okolo, Nigeria
  164. Dr Job Otokwala, Nigeria
  165. Chief Abia C. Onwe
  166. Mrs. Obiajulu M. Onwe
  167. Dr. Chidi K. Onwe
  168. Mrs. Ifechukwu E. Onwe
  169. Ms. Nnenna S. Onwe
  170. Mr. Obinna V. Onwe
  171. Mr. Ikenna C. Onwe
  172. Ayo Ogundele, Ph.D, McAllen, Texas USA
  173. Philip Chuddy Ogwo, Houston, Texas USA
  174. Am Abdullahi, Luqmon Adele, Nigeria
  175. Emmanuel Dimgba Okochukwu, Nigeria
  176. Everest Ezeh, Nigeria
  177. Mr. Isaac A. Naze, FMC, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria
  178. Steve Okoli, Los Angeles, California USA
  179. Tunji Adegboye, Nigeria
  180. Christiana Nweze, Nigeria
  181. Tobe Okwunodulu, Nigeria
  182. Lynda Odunmbaku, Nigeria
  183. Femi Oyesanya, Illinois
  184. Yemi Dare, Nigeria
  185. Dikemba G.I.Egbe, Nigeria
  186. Dr. Innocent Ukabam
  187. Dr. Lucky Anetor, Nigeria
  188. Ifeoma Osondu
  189. Chimaeze Eze
  190. Samuel Chukwuma Ilo, Nigeria
  191. Chukwuma Ezeokoli
  192. Yahaya Aliyu, Nigeria
  193. Engr. Ejus David, Nigeria
  194. EKAETTE OKON, Nigeria
  195. Wisdom Okafor, Nigeria
  196. Eruo, Okwudili
  197. Dr. William Vese, Houston, Texas USA
  198. Mrs. Temple Nnedum, Lagos Nigeria
  199. Tony Obeahon, Houston, Texas USA
  200. Emmy Ejekam, Houston, Texas USA
  201. Dr. Qansy Salako, Boston, MA, USA
  202. Christopher Omekwe, Nigeria
  203. Dr Michael S. Ezea, Abuja, Nigeria
  204. Pastor Sam Aweda, Nigeria
  205. Francis Agbo, New York, USA
  206. Ngozi Agbo, New York, USA
  207. Godwin Obi, Houston, Texas USA
  208. Bissong J. Bissong, Houston, Texas USA
  209. Donnie Chukwuemeka Ikpa, Atlanta, Georgia USA
  210. Mazi Odera, China
  211. Ike Ogbu, Boston, MA USA
  212. Emeka Emeri, Houston, Texas USA
  213. Oyejola Isiba, Houston, Texas USA
  214. Anthony Chiwetelu, Canada
  215. Gabriel O. Okeke, Houston, Texas USA
  216. Boniface Emeka Nnakwe, Georgia, USA
  217. Michael Ofoegbuna, Houston, Texas USA
  218. Samuel Ekesi, Houston, Texas USA
  219. Princess Kennedy Okaka, Michigan USA
  220. Charles Chiwetalu, Lagos, Nigeria
  221. Dr. Tina Edmunds-OGBUOKIRI, Lord’s Vineyard, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
  222. Sunday Uvuka, Houston, Texas USA
  223. Vin Otuonye
  224. Thompson Esimaje, Nigeria
  225. Engr. Emeka Oraelosi, London England
  227. Ngozi Chukwuma, Houston, Texas USA
  228. Okey Chiwetelu, Nigeria
  229. Prof. Chris Whitaker, League City, Texas USA
  230. Wasiu Mee, Nigeria
  231. Maazi Tochukwu EZEOKE, United Kingdom
  232. Valentine Nnabuike Obasi
  233. Kola Oladimeji, FCA,MBA,CGA, Calgary, Canada
  234. Azeez Ola-Ojetola, Canada
  235. Mr. Anthony Enyi Ezenyi, Nigeria
  237. Alhaji Taofeek Aliu, Baltimore Maryland United State
  238. Wilson, Ademola, Nigeria
  239. Samuel Oluwadairo, Canada
  240. Emopin Aiyenuro
  241. Comfort Onye
  242. Barrister James Ikemefuna Mbanugo, Calgary Canada
  243. Anayo Onwuka SCMP, Canada
  244. Chima Rex Okorafo
  245. Emmanuel Chijioke Ogbonna, PhD (cand), Osun State, Nigeria
  246. Stephen C. Eze Calgary, AB Canada
  247. Christopher C Ashieze, Canada
  248. Ogbuzuru Uchenna Nnamani, New York City, USA
  249. Jonathan Nwaroh, P.Eng., Calgary, AB. Canada
  250. Deji Adebiyi, Nigeria
  251. Olarewaju Afolayan, Kea, Nigeria
  252. Jadesola Giwa, Canada
  253. Abraham Falola Iyalla, Canada
  254. Temitope Esan, Calgary, Canada
  255. Henry Nze, Calgary, Canada
  256. Max U. Uwaga; Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  257. BLDR Ifeanyi Emebo, Houston, Texas USA
  258. Chiny Onwuka PMP, CIP Canada
  259. Kene Ilochonwu, Calgary AB. Canada
  260. Bayo Adeyoriju, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  261. Victor Okwodu, Canada
  262. Peter Olisa
  263. Stephen Nnake, Houston, Texas USA
  264. Kelechi Ogbuokiri
  266. Ameen Olabamiji, Nigeria
  267. Godwin Chukwuike, Houston, Texas USA
  268. Eugene Iwuamanam, Dallas, Texas USA
  269. Dr. Sam Enyia, Chicago, IL USA
  270. Sir Festus Okere, Houston, Texas USA
  271. Okwudilim Nnamani, Houston, Texas USA
  272. Ebenezer Odukoya
  273. Kingsley Okeke, California Bay Area, USA
  274. Okey Onyerikam, Nigeria
  275. Professor Philip U. Effiong, Maryland USA
  276. Sylvanus Enyi, Plainfield, IL USA
  277. Pascal Ikenna Okeke, New York, United States
  278. Ifeanyi Añunihu, Baltimore, USA.
  279. Engr. Chris Nwonye, Wisconsin, USA
  280. Professor Greg I. Okoro, Atlanta, GA
  281. Mr. Babilas Owowoh, Chicago, Illinois USA
  282. Bethel Ukah, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  283. Dr Jones Ozor of Texas, USA
  284. Jake Blake
  285. Ambrose Ozoude Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
  286. Anthony C. Agu, Houston, Texas USA
  287. Venerable Godson A.Paul Nzeh, Houston, Texas USA
  288. Michael Okocha, Maryland, USA
  289. Mazi IG OKORO, Houston,TEXAS USA
  290. Prof. ANTHONY IBENACHO, Dallas, Texas USA
  291. John Chukwunyere Ndulaka, Louisiana, USA
  292. Chief Stanley I. Dike, Sr. CFE, Boston, MA USA
  293. DENNIS OKOLO, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  294. Sunny Ayo, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  295. Dr. Mazi Inno Chimah, (Ochi Agha Oma), Germantown Md.USA
  296. Bert Igwe, Michigan USA
  297. Cosmas Akazie, Houston, Texas USA
  298. Ben Ndukwe, Dallas Texas USA
  299. Professor Emma A. Ichu, Ph.D., Plano, Texas USA
  300. Peace Ezirim, IL. USA
  301. Joseph Ovedje
  302. Lawrence Ndu Ubah, Golda-Arthur Limited, London, UK
  303. Nneka Inyang, Los Angeles California, USA
  304. Ofoezie Emmanuel, Lagos, Nigeria‏
  305. Prof. Francis Osita Onukwuli, Atlanta, Georgia USA
  306. Dr. Ijedimma B. Oparah, Fayetteville, Georgia, USA
  308. Itoro Samuel Enang, Pointe Noire, The Republic of Congo
  309. Chinyere Agbai, Maryland USA
  310. Chike Maduka, Dallas USA
  311. Dr. Francis C. Oparah, Hampton, Ga. USA
  312. Obi Ebo, Los Angeles, California USA
  313. H. Iheanyi Anyaso, Stockton, California USA
  314. Rotimi Ogunsuyi
  315. Anthony Young-Harry, California USA
  316. Emeka Ginikanwa, Houston, Texas USA
  317. Basil Mbah, Houston, Texas USA
  318. Chinwe Enemchukwu, Sorrento, Florida USA
  319. Anthony Ishiekwene, London, UK
  320. Attorney Lion Agwumezie, Maryland USA
  322. Chris N. Nwamah, Florida USA
  323. Christopher Aniedobe, Washington, DC
  324. Femi Adeyanju, Nigeria
  325. Chimaobi Njoku, USA
  326. Felix Ike, Florida USA
  327. Rev. Canon Daniel Ofoegbu
  328. Mike C. Okereke
  329. Mrs. C Agoha, Canada
  330. Chief/Engr. H. U. Nwachukwu, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  331. Finian Anyanwu, Antioch, CA USA
  332. Sir Victor C. Ezemba, Houston, Texas USA
  333. Mr. H.M. Chiedu Houston, Texas USA
  334. Ebo C. Akalonu Texas, USA
  335. Iloabuchi Achi
  336. Mr. Gowin Anozie Dallas Texas
  337. Mazi Ogbonna, New York, USA
  338. Stephanie Chinwe Amaogu, Enugu Nigeria
  339. Solomon Olufelo, Atlanta, Georgia USA
  340. Reginald Udeh, Houston, Texas USA
  341. Bukie Ogunbekun, Nigeria
  342. Wale Ogunbekun, Nigeria
  344. Francis C. Ogbonnia, Houston, Texas USA
  345. Romanus Chukwuobasi, Houston, Texas USA
  346. Turwanire Kimathi-Tecumseh Mandla, Son of Africa and Kwame Nkrumah
  347. Dominic Onyebueke, Houston, Texas USA‏
  348. Veronica Lawrence Md. USA
  349. Erica Izegbu Md. USA
  350. Kenneth Izegbu Md. USA
  351. Maria Izegbu Md USA
  352. Gabriella Lawrence Md. USA
  353. Rose Ilechie Md. USA
  354. Don Izegbune London
  355. Patrick Izegbu London
  356. Emeke Izegbu Florida. USA
  357. Philomina Molokwu Md. USA
  358. Doris Izegbu London
  359. Monday Tokula from Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  360. Fredrick Ofordu, Houston, Texas USA
  361. Callister Ofordu, Houston, Texas USA
  362. Iheanyi Osondu PhD.
  363. Mabel Osondu
  364. Chinyere Osondu
  365. Joshua C. Osondu Jr.
  366. Joshua C. Osondu Sr.
  367. Adaeze Osondu
  368. Amaka Osondu
  369. Dr. Ruth Osondu
  370. Zaphaniah Osondu
  371. Sir Ugo G.C.Umunnakwe, Allen, Texas USA
  372. Daniel Osazuwa, Denver, USA
  373. Eucharia Anthony, Houston, Texas USA
  374. Dr. J.O.S. Okeke, Houston, Texas USA
  375. Atty Ken Okorie, Houston, Texas USA
  376. Linda Okorie, Houston, Texas USA
  377. Kemnagum Okorie, Houston, Texas USA
  378. Ugonna Okorie, Houston, Texas USA
  379. Edith Nwandu, Olympia Fields Illinois, USA
  381. Sir Patrick Nwachukwu, Houston, Texas USA
  382. Mr. Johnson Obazughanwen, Dallas, Texas USA
  383. Engr. Martin Okekearu, Kansas City, Missouri USA
  384. Obiageli Chukwuneta, Nigeria
  385. Ngozi Ayera
  386. Sina Obajimi
  387. Engr. Dominic Ikechukwu Mbah, New Jersey USA
  388. Warisu Alli
  389. Mrs. Nneka Ogbonnia, Houston, Texas USA
  390. Juliana Emeribe, Houston, Texas USA
  391. Uche Ayalogu
  392. Dr. Jirinwayo Jude Odinkonigbo, Enugu, Nigeria
  393. Ambrose Ezemma, New York, USA
  394. Sir Ben Udechukwu, Dallas, Texas USA
  395. Lady Dorothy Udechukwu, Dallas, Texas USA
  396. Ms Barbara Udechukwu, San Antonio, Texas USA
  397. Brandon Udechukwu, Dallas, Texas USA
  398. Ibe Anyanwu, Country Club Hills, IL, USA
  399. Professor Cosmas Chukwuma Okoro, Nashville, TN, USA
  400. Ken Okechukwu Orjiako, Nigeria
  401. Mr. Ekene Ilo, Nigeria
  402. Mr. Marcus Chukwu, Sugar Land, Texas USA
  403. Evelyn Eke, Lagos, Nigeria
  404. Chukwuma ISAAC, Abuja, Nigeria
  405. Edison Ginigeme
  406. Arch. Cyril Uka Sherif Anyanwu, Houston, Texas USA
  407. Sir Festus Ikechukwu Okonkwo, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas USA
  408. Dr. Chidi Nnamdi Igwe, Regina, Canada
  409. Emeka Ofor, Houston, Texas USA
  410. Dr. Matthew J. Obegolu, Dallas, Texas USA
  411. Sir Longinus Ugwulebo, Dallas, Texas USA
  412. Uchechukwu O. Idika, Katy, Texas USA
  413. Gini Okedi, Esq., Washington, DC USA
  414. Chris C. Ekechukwu, Boston, Massachusetts USA
  415. Sir Jude Chinyere, Aurora, Colorado, USA
  416. Kenneth Amanze
  417. Hon. Chukwuma C. Ojukwu Houston, Texas USA
  418. Pastor Tony Okere
  419. Livinus Uzoma DiMuna, Jacksonville, Florida USA
  420. Kevin Nkwocha,Nashville, Tennessee USA
  421. Chike C. Odunukwe, Massachusetts, USA
  422. Mr Brian Udechukwu, San Antonio, Texas USA
  423. Uchenna Ekwonye Baltimore, Maryland USA
  424. Dr. Paul N. Ezeji, South Carolina, USA
  425. Mrs. Beatrice A. Ezeji, South Carolina, USA
  426. Chukwuemeka S. Iwuji, Dallas, Texas USA
  427. Ben E. Mbonu, Esq., Houston, Texas USA
  428. Dr. Kachi Okoro, Dallas, Texas USA
  429. Comrade John A. Okolonta, Sterling, VA, USA
  432. Ralph Mbakwe Obijiofor, Houston, Texas USA
  433. Chief (Engr.) M. Onovo, MNSE, FInstTA, Nigeria
  434. Boniface C. Nwugwo, Ph.D., Ellicott City, Maryland USA
  435. Ngozi Agada, Dallas, Texas USA





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