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Welcome to The Nigerian Foundation (TNF)

Pursuing the Logic of Collective Action

The Nigerian Foundation is the umbrella organization of Nigerians in the greater Houston area. It was formed as a nonprofit, advocacy group in 1982 - working for and representing the people of Nigeria in the greater Houston area of Texas. Our mission is to empower Nigerians, give Nigerians a voice, and strengthen Nigerian community in the greater Houston area through collective action. Our vision is to unify and support one another through pragmatic education, economic networking, business collaboration, and our diverse rich culture. Though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood and sisterhood, we must stand.

Your visit demonstrates that you care about the status of Nigerians in the United States and the world, writ large. We should care, at least for these two reasons:

A. “Nigerian community of Houston, estimated to be over 2.0% of the city's population, is the largest in the United States - [with] over ninety languages spoken in the city" (1).

B. “Nigerian immigrants have the highest levels of education in Houston and the United States” (2).

Now, in light of the above facts, what have we, the Nigerians, done to advance our collective good in Houston or the United States, for that matter? Has our "education" done much for us as a group? Obviously, not much! Why? Most Nigerians have yet to discover the logic of collective wisdom and collective action. Lacking this understanding, disunity and “I don’t care” attitude become the norm – leading to our collective backwardness despite teaming academic degrees. Fellow compatriots, unity, rooted in common sense, is everything – college degree or not. So, for those living in Houston, kindly bring your ideas to the Nigerian Foundation for the betterment of ourselves and our country - collectively. Think of the Jewish community. Think of the Japanese community. Think of the Chinese community. Now, compare these communities with ours in terms of advocacy and collective development in the United States. It is clear that we are far behind. Lack of strong team work among us makes all the difference - nothing more. "Africa unite." -- Umez

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Nigeria Day, Houston, Texas
October 6, 2017

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