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Leadership is Parenthood - Leadership is action: Just as parents take care of their children, leaders must take care of their own people. Encourage your friends/relatives in the leadership to invest in our country - Nigeria, as leaders, in the countries we call "civilized", do in their own countries. That is the ONLY way forward! That is leadership. Click here for details.

Professor Bedford Nwabueze Umez

Inspirational Speaker: Competent Toastmaster, CTM 
Department of Government 
Lee College, Box 818 
Baytown, Texas 77522, USA, Phone: 832-731-7061






Ph.D. University of North Texas, Denton, Texas USA. Major: Political Science, Minor: Statistics. August 1990.


MSc. University of North Texas, Denton, Texas USA. Major: Public Administration (Supporting Areas: Comparative Politics and American Government), Tool: Statistics. December 1986.


BSc. (Double Major):

BSc. Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, Oklahoma USA. Honor Graduate, Major: Economics. May 1984.


BSc. Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, Oklahoma USA. Honor Graduate, Major: Political Science. May 1984.


 Grade One. West African Examination Certificate (WAEC). Aguata High School, Aguata, Anambra State, Nigeria. 1977.




American Government, Political Development, African Politics, Political Institutions, Interest Group Politics, Public Opinion/Mass Media, Methodology (Time-series Analysis, Cross-sectional Time-series Analysis), Modernization and Political Instability, Comparative Methods, Political Parties and Elections.




American Political Parties and Electoral Behavior Public Opinion, Political Participation, Public Administration, Revolution and Political Violence, Comparative Foreign Policy Decision-Making, Pro-seminar in American Government, Seminar in Political Science Scope and Methods, Pro-seminar in Comparative Government, Seminars in Area Studies (Middle East, Africa), Seminar in Area Studies (Latin America), Pro-seminar in International Relations.




Time-Series Models and Forecasting, Applied Regression/Data Analysis, Quantitative Research Methods, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Sampling and Survey Research.



Web Design, MS Word




American Government/Institutions (Congress, Presidency, Judiciary), Texas Government, Wealth and Power in America, African Politics, Comparative Politics, Scope and Methods in Political Science, and Quantitative Research Methods in Political Science.



Professor, Department of Government, Lee College, Baytown Texas. June 1994 to present. Courses: American Government and Politics and Texas Government and Politics.


Adjunct Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Phoenix, Houston Campus, Texas. Course: Wealth and Power in America.


Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813. January 1992 to May 1994. Courses: Public Administration, American Government, Housing and Community Development, U.S. Political Parties, African Politics, Research Seminar in Political Science, Advanced Seminar in Political Science.


Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Paul Quinn College, Dallas, Texas. January 1991 to December 1991. Courses: Urban Politics, Public Administration, Scopes and Methods in Political Science, American Government, Political Parties, Comparative Politics, Texas Politics, Social Studies in Elementary Education.


Adjunct Professor (1991):

Department of Social Sciences, Tarrant County College, NW Campus, Fort Worth, Texas. July 1991 to August 1991. Course: American Government.


Department of Political Science, Collin County College, Spring Creek Campus, Plano, TX January 1991 to July 1991. Course: US Government.

Instructor, Department of Social Sciences, Kilgore College, Kilgore, Texas. Fall 1990. Course: American Government.


Teaching Fellow, Department of Political Science, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, Summer I 1989 to Summer II 1990. Courses: American Government and Texas Politics.


Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, Spring 1985 - Spring 1989. Courses: American and Texas Government and Politics.


Research Assistant, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, Summer 1986. Research focus: Military and Politics in Third World Countries.


Secondary School Teacher, Chukwurah High School, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. Courses: Government (Class III) and Biology (Class V), 1978.


Bank Clerk, First Bank Nigerian, LTD, Head Office, 37 Marina, Lagos, Nigeria. January 1979 - May, 1981.




Bedford N. Umez, "Educated" to Feel Inferior: Harsh Realities of Low Self-Esteem (2nd ed.), Morris Publishing, Kearney, NE (2013).


Bedford N. Umez, Your Excellency: A Letter to Nigerian Leaders, PageFree Publishing, Inc., Otsego, MI (2005).


Bedford N. Umez, "Educated" to Feel Inferior: Harsh Realities of Low Self-Esteem, Lulu Press, 860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300 Morrisville, NC 27560 (2010).


Bedford N. Umez, Nigeria: Real Problems, Real Solutions," Morris Publishing, Kearney, NE (2000). [Here is a Review by M. Alumona Ikenna, Department of Political Science, Anambra State University:  http://www.academicjournals.org/article/article1381821477_Alumona%20pdf.pdf


Bedford N. Umez, The Tragedy of a Value System in Nigeria: Theories and Solutions, International Scholars Publications, San Francisco-London-Bethesda, MD (1999).



Reviewed (2007) The Challenge of Democracy, 9th Edition (by Janda, K., Berry, J. and Goldman, J.), NY: Houghton Mifflin, 2008.


Reviewed (2003) American Government (by D. Grier Stephenson, Jr., et. al), North West Publishing, LLC, 2004.


Reviewed (1998) The American Democracy, 3rd edition (by Thomas E. Patterson, Harvard University), The McGraw-Hill Co. Inc., 1997.


Reviewed (1998) We The People, 3rd edition (by Thomas E. Patterson, Harvard University), The McGraw-Hill Co. Inc., 1997).


Reviewed (1997) Essentials of Texas Politics, 6th edition (by Richard Kramer, et al, University of Texas at Austin) West Publishing Co., 1995.




"Nigerian Crises: Who is Responsible?" The Quarterly Journal of Development Digest, Forthcoming.


"Depriving Nigeria to Enrich Foreign Countries: The Cause, Impacts and Solution," International Journal of Development Studies, Vol. XII, No. 2 (October/December, 2009).


"Is Democracy the Engine of Economic Growth?" International Journal of Nigerian Studies and Development, (March, 1999). [Also, presented at the Tenth Annual Conference of The Council of Nigerian People and Organizations (CONPO), Atlanta, Georgia, September 18-20, 1998.]


"Economic Growth and Democracy: Additional Evidence," presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois (April 14-16, 1994).


"Has Social Mobilization Caused Political Instability? Evidence from Ethiopia, Morocco and Zaire," presented at the annual Southwestern Political Science Association Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana (March 20, 1993).


"Has Social Mobilization Caused Political Instability in Africa? A Granger-Causality Test," The Review of Black Political Economy, Vol. 22 (Summer 1993).


"A Comparative Analysis of the Economic Performance of the Military and Civilian Regimes in Nigeria: A Time-Series Study," presented at the 25th annual meeting of African Heritage Studies Association, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (March 25, 1993).


"Dynamics of American Political Parties," presented at the 1993 Taft Seminar for Teachers, Southern University, Baton Rouge (July 1993).


"Party-in-the-Electorate," presented at the 1992 Taft Seminar for Teachers, Southern University, Baton Rouge (July 8, 1992).


"Impact of Foreign Monetary Developments on Demand for Money: Regression Estimates and Forecast Results," Journal of Economic Studies Vol. 18 (Spring 1991).


"Political Violence: Causes and Solutions," presented at the Public Briefing on Central America Conference sponsored by BEYOND WAR, University of North Texas, Denton (April 4, 1990).


“"Educated" to Feel Inferior: Harsh Realities of Low Self-Esteem," presented at the Conference on Liberating the African Mind (January 18, 2013). Here is the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWEsCSC6O8Q  or http://www.africanexecutive.com/modules/magazine/articles_editor.php?editor=106


"The Purpose of the Black History Month," presented at the Educational Empowerment of the Youths sponsored by the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of McNair, McNair, Texas (February 21, 2010).


"Economic and Political Empowerment of Nigerians: Harnessing our Collective Resources," presented at the 12th Annual Convention of the World Igbo Congress, Boston, Massachusetts (August 31-September 3, 2006).


"Socializing Nigerian Children in the United States," presented at the First Annual Conference of Ndigbo in North America, Los Angeles, California (October 1995).


"A House Divided: A Message the People," presented at the First Annual Conference of Ndigbo in North America, Houston, Texas, August 27, 1994, published in Igbo Times (March, 1995).




A Keynote Speaker, “Rebuilding Queens Secondary School by Alumni,” at the Queens School Alumni Association Fundraising, @ All Saints Hall, Houston, Texas (March 7, 2015).


A Keynote Speaker, “Assisting Motherless Babies in Nigeria," at the Ada Waawa Association's fundraising dinner, Queens Royal, Houston, Texas (October 28, 2006).


Guest Speaker, "Real Education and Self-Actualization," at the celebration of the "Black Week," California State University, Northridge (October 20, 2006).


Guest Speaker, "Empowerment of the Black Man," at the celebration of the "Black History Month," University of Houston, Clear Lake, Texas (February, 2006).


Guest Speaker, "Democracy and Economic Development: The Case of Property Right," at the Meeting of the Houston Property Right Association, Houston, Texas (January, 2006).


Guest Speaker, "The Ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mr. Nelson Mandela, and Creationism," at the Black Heritage Society, George Brown Convention Hall, Houston, Texas, in celebration of the 23rd Annual Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 2001).


Guest Speaker, "Reaching Your Dreams," at the celebration of the "Black History Month," Organized by the Agape Praise Center, Dayton, Texas (February, 1999).


Guest Speaker, "The Real Meaning of the 4th of July," at the Kiawanas Club, Baytown Texas, in celebration of the American Independence (July, 1999).


Guest Speaker, "Knowledge is Power," at the "Senior Gala to honor Students and black educators," at Lee College (April 15, 1997).




“To All Nigerian Presidential Elections, 2015”:

http://www.elombah.com/index.php/articles-mainmenu/30665-open-letter-to-that-ideal-prospective-leader or http://umez.com/Jonathan-Buhari-Presidential-Candidates-March-4th-2015.html


“Nigerian Crises: Who is Responsible?” (2015): http://www.punchng.com/opinion/nigerian-crises-who-is-responsible/ or http://www.nigerianleadershipcouncil.org/Nigerian-Crises-Who-is-Responsible.html


“Nigeria Needs a Democratic Government” (2015): http://www.nigerianleadershipcouncil.org/Nigeria-Needs-a-Democratic-Govt.html


“To President Jonathan: Cut the Outrageous Pay of Nigerian Lawmakers” (2014): http://www.punchng.com/news/group-petitions-jonathan-over-lawmakers-jumbo-pay/ or http://www.nigerianleadershipcouncil.org/Petition-to-President-Jonathan.html


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"Collective Ignorance and Internal Contradictions in Africa," The African Quest, January, 1999; African Herald, April, 1999; Houston Punch, April, 1999; The US-African Voice, May, 1999.


"It Took the US Over 200 Years:" A Comment," The African Quest, January, 1999; Houston Punch, December, 1998; African Herald, October, 1998.


"One-man Presidential Race in Nigeria: A Comment," Houston Punch, African Herald, June, 1998.


"Nigeria at the Cross-Road: The Way Forward," Houston Punch, July 1998.


"The Tragedy in Zaire: A Lesson for Africa," (December, 1996) in Houston Punch; African Herald; African News Weekly; US-Africa Voice (January, 1997).


"Murder By Other Means: A Message to Nigerian Leaders (December, 1996) in The Nigerian & Africa; The US-Africa Voice; Houston Punch; African Herald; African News Weekly.


"Celebrating the Nigerian Independence Day?" Houston Punch, (Oct., 1996); African News Weekly (Oct., 1996); Nigerian Trumpet (London, Oct., 1996).


"I Live In a Good Neighborhood," African News Weekly (August 12-18, 1996), Houston Punch, (August, 1996).


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"Nigerians Abroad Need A Public Interest Group," Houston Punch, Vol. 1, No. 3 (April, 1995).


"African Time in the U.S.: A Reconsideration," African News Weekly, Vol. 6, No.1 (Jan. 20, 1995).





Moderator, “Business Section” and “Gala Night Fundraiser Section,” Enugu-USA Convention, 2014, Houston, Texas.


Moderator, "Nigeria's Transition to Democracy," a Town Hall Meeting, featuring the Chairmen of Nigeria's Political Parties, Houston, Texas (January 9, 1997).


Chaired a panel on "The Political Economy of Democratic Transition" at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois (April 14-16, 1994).


Political Analyst, Houston Media Source - A public Access Cable Television (2005 -2007).




A Member of the Editorial Board, African Social Science Review.




Visiting Scholar to the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Summer 1993). Courses: Dynamic and Longitudinal Analysis (Panel Data Analysis, Pooled-Time Series Analysis, Event History Analysis, Time Series Tests); Categorical Data Analysis; Regression Analysis; and Computing (with emphasis on Using SPSS-PC).




1. Mr. Anthony Nwokedi, BSc, Okoh Polytechnic, 2008.


2. Mr. Promise Okwudili Onu, BSc, Enugu State University, 2008.


3. Mr. Kenneth Mba, National Diploma, Abia State Polytechnic Aba, Distinction in Computer Science, 2006.


4. Mr. Emeka Udeh, BSc, Graduate, Abia State University, 2006.


5. Mr. Augustine Uwaemenam, BSc, Graduate, Enugu State University, 2006.


6. Mr. Oguguo Udeh, Jr., BSc, Graduate, Imo State University, 2006.


7. Mr. Emeka Okoli, BSc, Graduate, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2005.


8. Mr. Benson Okonkwo, BSc, Graduate, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2002.


9. Ms. Uche Ilo, BSc, Graduate, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2001.


10. Ms. Evelyn Ekeh, BSc, Graduate, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2001.


11. Ms. Kate Ilo, BSc, Graduate, Enugu State University, 1999.




President of Nigerian Foundation, Houston

President of Nigerian Leadership Council, NLC

Founder/Administrator, Liberating the African Mind, LAM
Member, NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
Member, Alpha Chi (National Honor Society) 
Member, Pi Sigma Alpha (National Political Science Honor Society) 
Member, Council of Nigerian People and Organizations (CONPO) 
Past President, Oji-River People's Forum (Houston Branch) 
Member, Midwest Political Science Association

Member, Houston Enugu State Organization, Houston

Member, Key Club International, Houston
Member, Texas College Teachers Association






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Click here to watch the Video - Educated to Feel Inferior


  • Comment by Bennedict Okoro

    "Umez has captured the ultimate predicament of blackman."

  • Comment by Smart Madu Ajaja

    "An awesome breakdown of the problem with Africa, especially with its struggling and disappointing giant, Nigeria from where I come. The solution prescribed provides the most ambitious road-map to the African Renaissance and therefore, a call for action for us all."

  • Comments by Vert Masta

    "Beautifully said, just like Dr Umar Abdulah johnson would put it. Its time for my people (Black Moorish people) to support each other with group economics. This would make Dr Claude Anderson very proud".

  • Comments by Mike Chard

    " That being said, I think more people should take pride in their homeland and try and work together to create something better, no matter who they are or where they're from, improvement can always be made, but it takes unity and determination to achieve. So I hope your words and efforts make an impact to help others realize their true potential and strive to achieve it."

  • Comments by Supa Manley

    "This is what I have been talking about . Its a wonderful pieces of creative profile . Our children need to hear more of this. Thanks so pro Umezh . Can you please be part of this years Nigerian independent."


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