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Addressing Nigerian African Issues Head-on

Leadership is action, not a position

Prayer alone is not Enough - Video Clips below

Effort X Time = Achievement 

"Prayer is not in the Success Equation; understand how things Work" - Bishop Tudor Bismark

Here is how Bible (James 2:20) puts it: "Do you want to be shown, you foolish person, that faith apart from works is useless?"

Prayer alone is not enough! Find a Solution, and God will do the rest.

"Bill Gates did not pray for a Financial breakthrough, he found a solution to a global problem." The rIght prayer: "Lord, baptize me with fresh ideas to solve some of the Nigerian problems, and connect me with the right partner to make them happen." God will definitely create the ideas in your mind, & the rest will be history. [Source: Nigerian American Business Forum.]

Prof. Patrick Lumumba educates Nigerian Legislators on the Role of the Legislature in the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria.

A recipie for great leadership in Africa, and a food for thought. "Africans die in the business of punishing small thieves, and they leave the big ones in the public office." This is why Africans celebrate ill-gotten wealth. This is why Africa has not succeeded.

"If Nigeria does not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria." - President Buhari

Umez interviewed: A Lesson in Leadership

Not only that leadership is action, leadership is also parenthood. Just as parents care for their children, leaders must also care for their own people. This is only common sense; it does not take King Solomon's wisdom to understand. Only patriotic, wise leaders make their country great.


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