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European Airlines' Maltreatment of Africans Must Stop   

by Bedford N. Umez 

The long history of exploitation and maltreatment of African people by European airlines can no longer be ignored. In fact, they must stop. The petition below is a rallying call for an end to such exploitation and maltreatment which are obvious to any one who travels to and from Africa with any one of these European airlines.

Specifically, this is our position: Since African people are a part of the human race, European Airlines should treat them with respect and dignity, just like they treat any other group of human beings who are not Africans. As such, the apparent maltreatment of Africans by the European airlines will no longer be ignored. We must stop this maltreatment NOW. Together, we will matter and make Africa proud again. Thanks for your continued fraternal support and be blessed abundantly. Umez

January 24, 2002

TO: United Nations (UN), Organization of African Unity (OAU),
Organization of American States (OAS), International Civil
Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA), and the European Union (EU)

CC: Lufthansa, Alitalia, British Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic,
Air France, and Swissair

CC: Kweisi Mfume, President NAACP; Rev. Jessie Jackson,
Rainbow/Push Coalition; Kofi Annan, Secretary General, UN;
Randal Robinson, Founder of TransAfrica; Ambassador Andrew Young;
Colin Powell, Secretary of State, US Government

CC: All African Governments: The Governments of Algeria,
Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon,
Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Cote D'ivoire,
Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea,
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau,
Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali,
Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger,
Nigeria, Rwanda, Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic,
Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, Senegal, Sierra Leone,
Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo,
Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

A PETITION: European Airlines’ Maltreatment of Africans Must Stop

• Considering the exorbitant air fares being charged on African routes by European Airlines;
• Considering the poor services given to Africans and the rudeness of most staff of European Airlines to Africans;
• Considering that mosquito and other insect killing chemicals are being sprayed in the passenger areas of these European airplanes right before leaving Africa for Europe;
• Considering that much older planes are being used for African routes;
• Considering that flights to and from Africa are generally overbooked; and
• Considering the unwarranted and humiliating searching of African passengers by Customs officials at the airports in Europe, we, the signatories, therefore:

Call upon the United Nations, Organization of African Unity, Organization of American States, International Civil Aviation Organization, Federal Aviation Administration, and the European Union to investigate maltreatment of Africans by the European airlines and ask, without further delay, European airlines to:

1. Lower the exorbitant air fares being charged to Africans;
2. Improve the quality of their services to Africans, e.g., the quality of the meals;
3. Use newer planes (which are comparable to those used in Trans-Atlantic flights) to transport Africans to and from Europe and America;
4. Stop spraying mosquito and other insect killing chemicals WHILE African passengers are seated in these flights;
5. Stop overbooking of Africans to Europe/North America; and finally,
6. Search Africans with dignity, respect and decorum, and generally apply the universal standard of treating all customers as equals.

We condemn strongly the apparent injustice to Africans, and in support of our petition, submit that:

1. For so long, European airlines, specifically, Lufthansa, Alitalia, British Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, and Swissair have continuously charged Africans exorbitant fares. Compare, for instance, the following standard round trip fares from the US to Africa and from the US to Asia (21-day advance purchase, Source: Yahoo Travel, January 23, 2002).

Houston, US to Ghana = $1,570 Houston, US to Beijing, China = $649
Houston, US to Nigeria = $1,539 Houston, US to Tokyo, Japan = $608
Houston, US to Kenya = $1,813 Houston, US to Korea = $658
Houston, US to Tanzania = $1,929 Houston, US to Philippines = $715

It is noteworthy that the distance between the US and Asia is much longer than that between the US and Africa. For instance, while the distance between Houston, US and Ghana is 5,513 nautical miles, the distance between Houston, US and Beijing, China is 6,276 nautical miles. While some rationalize the higher fares by arguing that Africa has less traffic volume, it must be noted that flights to/from African countries are often overbooked (as noted in item 4 below).

2. The rudeness of most European airline staff to Africans is serious enough to bother any human being with a conscience. Africans at European airports are simply ignored, snubbed and downrightly disrespected. In fact, a substantial number of African passengers feel frustrated when trying to ask European flight attendants and the staff any question concerning their connecting flights. Furthermore, the quality of food and refreshment offered in flights to and from African countries leaves a lot to be desired. For instance, food served to passengers leaving Europe for Africa are in much smaller portion than those served to passengers from North America to Europe. While drinks are served to the passengers (mostly Westerners) from North America to Europe in whole bottles and cans, passengers from Europe to Africa (mostly Africans) are served with small plastic cups; higher fares paid by Africans notwithstanding.

3. In violation of moral code, mosquito and other insect killing chemicals (well-known to be dangerously harmful to humans) are being sprayed in the passenger areas of these European airplanes right before leaving Africa for Europe. In fact, what is shocking to any human being with a conscience is that these hazardous chemicals are sprayed WHILE African passengers are seated in these flights. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are the worst in this regard. Africans are human beings; they are not insects.

4. Any one traveling from North America to Africa via Europe will note that airplanes on the Trans-Atlantic route are much newer and with much legroom, while those leaving Europe for Africa are much older and crampy. Africans deserve similar newer planes with similar legroom as those flying to and from North America and Europe.

5. Overbooking of flights to and from Africa by European airlines is well known, especially flights returning from Africa. It is also well known that some Africans have been stranded due to the overbooking of flights. Stories of some Africans waiting for days to be rebooked are common. No doubt, those stranded Africans suffer not only apparent inconveniences, but in addition and most importantly, financial losses.

6. African passengers, more often than not, have been singled out by some European airline officials and treated as criminals. As such, Africans have been subjected to the most unwarranted and humiliating search at European airports. Alitalia and Lufthansa are the worst in this strip-search. Some Africans have been stripped almost naked in the process of being searched. While we recognize the need for tighter security at airports, it is a well-known fact that Africans have long been subjected to strip-search at Western airports. Strip-searching only Africans is a gross violation of their fundamental human rights. Africans, like any other group of human beings, deserve respect and dignity.

Painfully noting the above injustice, mistreatment and sheer disrespect of Africans by the European airline officials, and the regrettable fact that so many African governments are indifferent to the sufferings of their own people, we, the signatories to this petition call for immediate action to remedy these gross abuses of human rights. We believe that addressing these concerns will be beneficial not only to Africans, but to the airlines, as well as humanity in general.

[For the responses to the Petition, click here.]


1. Dr. Bedford Nwabueze Umez, Baytown/Houston, USA (author of the Petition) 
2. Prof. Dominik Deitim Iyoru, San Antonio, USA
3. Steven S. Kueberuwa, USA
4. Mr Walter Okey Ezeonu
5. Sao Paulo
6. Kin Elenwo, UK
7. Dr. Mailafia, Obadiah
8. Charles Usideme,Germany
9. Melanie Usideme, Germany
10. Madu Smart Ajaja, Houston, USA
11. Emopin Aiyenuro
12. Patrick Odido, Kaduna Nigeria
13. Richard I. Chime, P.E
14. Ekpedeme M. Bassey, USA
15. Emeka C. Okafor, New Jersey, USA
16. Ernest Abunaw, USA
17. Lillian Abunaw, USA
18. Emmanuel Ngwe
19. Ayotunde Aje
20. Abu Acheneje
21. Yusuf Ismaila, Kaduna, Nigeria
22. Victor Olawale Okueso, Kaduna, Nigeria
23. Ndubuisi Edeoga
24. Melissa Nambangi, Minneapolis, USA
25. Ugo Ukomadu, USA
26. Sebastine c. OKafor
27. Chuks D. Eleonu, USA
28. Attorney Tola Oresusi, Houston, USA
29. Dr. Damien Ejigiri, Baton Rouge, USA
30. Emmanul Mefom, Los Angeles, USA
31. Kate Ilo, Nigreia
32. Attorney Annie Usoro, Houston, USA
33. Uchenna Ilo, Nigeria
34. Francis Nwokedi, Nigeria
35. Hycenth Nwokedi, Nigeria
36. Mike Nwaesei
37. Dr. Kunirum Osia, USA
38. Dr. Valentine Ojo, USA
39. Laur Onyekwere.
40. Okas Ndukwe
41. Dr. Richard O. Nwachukwu, Dallas, USA
42. Basil N. I. Mbah, Houston, USA
43. Nneka Inyang, Los Angeles, USA
44. Chuka Eche
45. Joel Kalle, USA
46. Dr. Ephraim N. Bassey, USA
47. Dr. Fredrik E. Eigbe, Warri, Nigeria
48. Dr. Patricia M. Bassey, USA
49. Attorney Idara E. Bassey, USA
50. Anthony Etuk, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
51. Bibiana A. J. Etuk, Uyo, Nigeria
52. Maeyen A. Bassey, USA
53. Emuata U. Bassey, USA
54. Chief Musa B. Kannike, Los Angeles, USA
55. Sinjouh Kwakou- Philadelphia USA
56. Sinjouh Paul -Philadelphia USA
57. Sinjouh Marie-Philadelphia USA
58. Hycenth Igboanugo, Nigeria
59. Harrison Elemuo, Nigeria
60. Ephraim Obibieaku Nweke, Nigeria
61. Johnson Kele Obi
62. Hon. John Udeh JP, Nigeria
63. Ismaila Yusuf
64. Professor F. Ugboaja Ohaegbulam, Tampa, USA
65. Robby Igodan
66. Chido Nwakanma
67. Vincent Chigbu, USA.
68. Samuel Ayodele
69. Orevaoghene Obaro, HAFRSFJORD, NORWAY
70. Godwin Omorede, Italy
71. Emmanuel Nwankwo, Nigeria
72. Joseph Nweke
73. Dr. Omoh T. Ojior
74. Tina Iyare
75. Richard O. Okoli
76. Emmanuel I. Ofuokwu
77. Mr. Chinye Udeh, Hartford, CT., USA
78. Mallam Adamu Maishanu, NY
79. Mallam Bello Abarshi, Abuja, Nigeria
80. Onyemere Osinuche, Nigeria
81. Ozoemenam Obi
82. Dr. Sammy Kunoun
83. Jimi Ogunsola, UK
84. Mulindwa Edward, Toronto Canada
85. Cy Uchendu, Houston, USA
86. Victor Okueso
87. Ndidi Eluka
88. Barrister Chamberlein Eke, London
89. Victor C. Ogoke, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
90. A. L. Alagala, Nigeria
91. William Olubodun, NC USA
92. Delroy Williams, UK
93. Okoth Osewe, Stockholm, Sweden
94. Victor Okueso
95. Cyril Nwozor, Dallas, USA
96. Ijeoma Iwuorie, USA.
97. Kemi Olubodun, USA
98. Dr Andrew Akinmoladun, USA
99. Okafor, Jude Michael, ASC-REG
100. Wale A. Jimoh
101. Nancy Daboh, UK
102. Kemi Olubodun
103. Tina Pangelinan
104. Anehita Eigbe
105. Chris Onuorah, USA
106. Dr. Acho Orabuchi, Dallas, USA
107. Debo Kotun, california, USA
109. Boss Rabor
110. Akanni Olarewaju, Los Angeles, USA.
111. Austin J Otah
112. Mohammed Hashim Gumel, USA
113. Chika Aneto Nwokorie, Denmark
114. Jo Kannike-Martins, Los Angeles, USA
115. Osamede Derrick Okundaye, U.K.
116. Ademola Adegbulu, London
117. Austin Daboh, U.K.
118. Rev. Fr. Uchenna Maduka
119. Dr. Knneth Mufuka
120. Okechukwu Ubo Enemuo, Nigeria
121. Fedlis Chinwudo Enemuo
122. Benneth Ugwaekwo
123. Micheal Soga, Houston, USA
124. Larry Adeola, Houston USA
125. Augustin Igu, Nigeria
126. Augustin C. Maduagwu
127. Cyprain N. Maduabuchi
128. Emeka Chinedo, USA
129. Emanual Fadeyi Nwankwo
130. Theophilus M. Onyia
131. Henry Chizoba Nwadiugwu, Nigeria
132. Dr. Ganiyu Jaiyeola, White Sands, USA
133. Attorney Ken Okorie, Houston, USA
134. Eric Umeh, Dallas, USA
135. Kunle Adegboye
136. M. B. Alagala, Gokana, Nigeria
137. G. T. Poage, Portharcourt, Nigeria
138. A. T. Alagala, Warri, Nigeria
139. Kelechi Eke, USA
140. Babá Ken Okulolo
141. George Toghanro, London
142. Emmy Ejekam
143. Tunde Bakare
144. Imeh J. Akpan, USA
147. Oluyemisi Sunmonu, Maryland, USA
148. Salisu Abdullah, Hamden, Connecticut, USA
149. Dr Ayo Osunrinade, London, UK
150. Dike Uzoukwu
151. David Ekpe, Saskatoon, Canada
152. Dr. Enefiok Ekpe,Saskatoon, Canada
153. Mrs. Anwangabasi Enefiok Ekpe, Saskatoon, Canada
154. AlAman Haile', Oakland CA, USA
155. Rudi Abdullah Mwongozi, Oakland CA, USA
156. Dr Francis Oruogho Akenami, NY, USA
157. Dr. Ayeshia Duru, USA
158. Mr. Chimezie Duru, USA
159. Olu Kale
160. Dr. Clifford Ihejirika Osuji, Chicago, U.S.A.
161. Amara Ezeamama, Rhode Is, USA
162. Sandra Emele, New Jersey, USA
163. Micheal Emele, New Jersey, USA
164. Chibuzo Ezeamama, California, USA
165. Felix Ezeamama, Florida, USA
166. Samuel Akanno, California, USA
167. Valentine Nzengung (USA)
168. Gbenga Babalola, MD USA
169. Christopher E. Okoronkwo, USA.
170. Mr. Ade Omoloko, Ga.USA
171. Dr Sammy Kunoun Italy
172. Anagba Bruno Jibuno
173. Jonathan Okafor, P.E., USA
174. Emmanuel Kanu
175, Foluke Falade
176. Ajibare Orowonpobiabo
177. Chioma Okonkwo, NY, USA
178. Yemi Abioye, NY, USA
179. Rev. Charles Onubogu. San Francisco, USA
180. Dr. Olufemi O. Babalola, Houston, Texas, USA
181. Emmanuel G. Mdurvwa, USA
182. Gbeke Oguntimein, Baltimore Maryland, USA
183. Chief Marty Ayo Adebowale
184. Achor N. Alfred, Houston Texas, USA
185. Josephine Azuwike, USA
186. Kolawole Muyiwa
187. Adelaja Omotayo, London, England
188. Dr Obus Opute, London, England
189. Sam Udofia
190. Doubara Foren, Houston, Texas, USA
191. Vincent Koko, Houston, Texas, USA
192. C Ajero, Owerri, Nigeria
193. Justice Oliver Udembah, Boston, MA, USA
194. Achor N. Alfred, Houston, Texas
195. Dr.Josephine Asakpa.
196. Chief Tony Osheku...USA
197. Kerry Ijete, United Kingdom
198. Douglas Wilkins, USA
199. Prof. B. A. Akinlosotu, Washington, DC. USA
200. Prince Adigun Olosun.MA,PGDJ.
201. Bangali Doumbia, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
202. Ahmed Olawale Anifowoshe, UK
204. Victor Eze, Atlanta USA
205. Dr. Anthony Asakpa, london, U.K
206. Emmanuel G. Mdurvwa, USA
207. Manni Okharedia, California, USA
208. Gbeke Oguntimein, Baltimore Maryland
209. Josephine Azuwike USA
210. Roger Kengele, Montreal, Canada
211. Nath Igbokidi, NY, USA
212. Dr Obus Opute, London, England.
213. Benneth Okpala, AICP., Houston Texas, USA
214. Ani Okafor, Columbus, Ohio, USA
215. David C. Obi, Baltmore, Maryland USA
217. E. Davis Ebo, Washington DC, USA
218. Preye Okosi, Dallas, USA
219. Iyabo Oredein, USA
220. Mike Ofoegbuna, Houston, USA
221. Oluwatosin Odunaiya, Westpalmbeach FL, USA
222. Justina N. Ochonma
223. Dr. B.J Luchion D. D. Sci.
224. Larry Musa, USA
225. Mo Abubakar
226. Sunny Ofili
227. Iyabo Oredein, USA
228. Fedlis Ogar
230. Chika U. Mbakogu, California, USA
231. Jide Olanlokun
232. Eyitayo Olatunde
234. Evelyn Joe, USA
235. Betrand Ugwu, USA
236. Asame Imoni Obiomah
237. Michael Ntuk, Glen Dale, Maryland, USA
238. Adejoke Ademosun
239. Adey Oyenuga, California, USA
240. Joseph Dahip
241. Jude C. Nibo, Los Angeles. USA
242. Shola Awofeso
243. Edem Gabriel,USA
244. Victor Egu
245. Iyabo Alabi-Isama
246. Michael Boluro-Ajayi, San Diego, USA
247. Sheriff Olaleye, USA
248. Shandrolyn Bell
249. Rev. Iheanacho Chukwu, Chicago, USA
250. Leke Adeofe, USA
251. Emmanson O. Alle, Miami, USA
252. Chris Nwamuo, USA
253. Christie Nwamuo USA
254. Felix O'Aku, Ohio, USA
255. Dele Olawole
256. Anthony Martins
257. Charles Orevaoghene Obaro
258. John Ogunbona
259. Rasak Akinyemi
260. Tajudeen Akinyemi
261. Idehen Norman
262. Adetola Adeleru, Nigeria
263. Ezihe O. Irondi
264. Dr. Chuks J. Eleweke, Indiana, USA
265. Melissa Mensah Kankam USA
266. Christopher A. Bamidele
267. Richard O. Ayanbeku USA
268. Dr. Frank Akubuilo
269. Steve Manning, USA
270. Dr. J. Chime Adiele
271. Uchenna Onoh
272. Laura Onoh
273. Olaniyi Oladapo, Atlanta, GA USA
274. Ike Nnamani
276. Dr Charlotte Ngwa, Cameroon
277. Dr Iviano Ossuetta, London, UK
278. Joseph U. Egbon, Houston Texas
279. Esperance Niyonkuru, NJ USA
280. Rev Mike P. Ololrogun, UK
281. Dr. M. A. Badamas, Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.
282. Ken Saul
283. Maraiyesa Niyi, Lagos Nigeria
284. Tony Chibuzor, Germany
285. Josephine Sebigo-Jackson, Atlanta, USA
286. Phil Ihediwa, North Carolina, USA
287. Leo Ifeanyi, Qatar
288. Ahmed R. Hamis, Canada
289. Attorney Samuel N Omwenga
290. Dr Firinne Ni Chreachain
291. George Nnanna
292. Dr. Victor Charles, Houston, Texas, USA
293. Jane Abiona
294. Benjamin Abiona
295. Felix Udeani
296. Oladimeji Allen-Taylor, Houston, Texas, USA
297. Pranav Kulkarni
298. Aaron Garba, USA
299. Charles Nwankwo, USA
300. Kenneth Osuagwu
301. Dr. D. E. Ugwu, Houston, Texas, USA
302. Dr.Azeez.P.Adeduntan,M.D, RVT Vascular Surgeon, Athens,USA
303. kayode.falola
304. Babalola Chris-Rotimi, Houston, TX, USA
305. Dr. Adekunle M. Adesina, M.D., Ph.D., Uni. of OK, USA
306. Shola Ogunlokun
307. Luiana Makundi, DC,USA
309. Barrister kay Eso.LL.B.,BA (European law).
310. A. O. Osineye
311. Ugo Arinzeh
312. Mr. & Mrs. Tunde Ayeni, U.S.A
313. Akbar Muhammad, Nation of Islam, Ghana Mission
314. Brian Muhammad, Nation of Islam, Ghana Mission
315. Ayodele Akande, New York, USA
316. Olawande Akande, New York, USA
317. Olorunda Rotimi, Glasgow, UK
318. Sike Azu-Irondi, Los Angeles,USA
319. Davidson E. Nwachukwu, Carrollton, TX, USA
320. Yinka Adeyemi, New York, USA
321. Adigun Olosun
322. Innocent Nwala
323. Philip Ejisimekwu, ILLINOIS, USA
324. Dr. Ita Udosen, Houston, USA
325. Jean Tafoho
326. olu adetola
327. Keisha N. Owens
328. Alhaji Aliyu Mustapha, Washington, DC, USA
329. Dr. Hyacinth Ntchobo, Beverly Massachusetts, USA
330. Godwin Eze. , Houston, TX
331. Obioma Okoronkwo , U.S.A
332. Christian Asumnu, U.S.A
333. Roseline Nnadozie, .S.A
334. Stanley Asumnu, U.S.A
335. Jonas Uwaejionu, U.S.A
336. Forster Obi-Anagu, Houston TX
337. Samuel Ekesi, U.S.A
338. Ephraim Ojebe Kalu, U.S.A
339. Michael Odili, U.S.A
340. Otisi Oji, Houston TX.
341. Ochi Chris, U.S.A
342. Ali Sayed, U.S.A
343. Benjamin Ikwuagwu, Houston TX
344. Onyeije Dan, U.S.A
345. Bernard Bohou, U.S.A
346. Brandon Nnunukwe, Houston TX
347. Kalu Chukwu L., U.S.A
348. Chief Youmy Imo, Houston TX.
349. Christian Ekezie, U.S.A
350. Charles Ngwu, U.S.A
351. Sheku S. Massoguoi, U.S.A
352. Samson Edaie, U.S.A
353. Elifaite Duclet, USA
354. Kidane Ghereslassie , Eritrea-Asmara
355. Emmanuel Agu ,U.S.A
356. Peter Keonyegwaehe, U.S.A
357. Bissong. J. Bissong,U.S.A
358. Solomon Efram, U.S.A
359. Ezekwem Anselm, U.S.A
360. George B. Powan,Houston TX.
361. Nwaribe Ikechukwu,HoustonTX
362. Cornelius Duru. TX
363. Gilbert Amaobi Houston TX
364. Uchegbu Uchechukwu N. U.S.A
365. Prince Emmanuel Okonkwo, U.S.A
366. Jackson Uzor, Houston TX.
367. Thomas J.Mbise, Arusha, Tanzania
368. Victor E. Dike, Sacramento, California, USA
369. Dr. Matthews A. OJO, Cambridge, MA, USA
370. Babafemi Akinrinade, Notre Dame, IN, USA
371. Rev'd. Olubunmi Olu-Alakija
372. Olufunke Darley
373. Abimbola Adesanya, London
374. Koko Akpata, London
375. Professor Sola Akinrinade
376. Zuky Modu, Nigeria
377. Lawrence Ameh Ogwuche, Nigeria
378. Temitope Ameh Ogwuche, Nigeria
379. Kemi Oluseye, London, UK
380. Yvonne Modu, London
381. Annette Patrick, Nigeria
382. Edward Muune, Kenya
383. Micheal Muune, Kenya
384. Nduta Muune, Kenya
385. Prince Koya Olateru-Olagbegi, Atlanta, USA
386. Prof. Augustine O. Esogbue, USA
387. Ibukunolu Alao Babajide, Arusha, Tanzania.
388. Francis Ayodele Obuseh, Alabama, USA
389. Iloh C. Iloañuka, Quito, Ecuador
390. Kola Tayo, London.
391. Dr Feyisayo Atinuke-Tayo
392. Mike Umoh, Lagos/Nigeria.
393. Yinka Majolagbe ,London.
394. Mrs Omolola Taiwo, London.
395. Mrs Monisola Atinuke, Lagos.
396. Chief J.A.Tayo, Ibadan,Nigeria.
397. Mrs P.M.Tayo, Ibadan,Nigeria.
398. Akin Akinleye, London.
399. Olusola Ajadi, London.
400. From Lara Adeduntan(USA)
401. Olusola Osinoiki, UK
402. Olufunke Darley
403. UZOMA C. OBI, ESQ. (U.S.A.)
404. Cordelia I. Anekwe, Bridgeport, CT., USA
405. Tobenna Anekwe, Boston, MA., USA
406. Dr. Emmanuel Temu (PhD) NY USA
407. Kola Oluyole
408. Dr. Yisa Kehinde Yusuf, Botswana
409. Atonye Wilcox, USA
410. Charles Njilefack, Baltimore, MD
411. David Mitala
412. Ebenezer Obadare, London
413. Dr. Matthews A. OJO, Cambridge, MA, USA
414. Babafemi Akinrinade, Notre Dame, IN, USA.
415. Rev'd. Olubunmi Olu-Alakija
417. Prof. Sola Akinrinade, London, UK
418. Morice Nyamba
419. Melanie Edet
420. Prosper Yao, London, UK
421. Kolawole Musa, Chicago, U.S.A.
422. Bridget Mayer, U.S.A.
423. Ayobami Ajayi, FL USA
425. Zabika Bashonga, South Africa
426. Professor Akanmu Adebayo, Kennesaw, Georgia
427. Dr Valentine Obasuyi, (Leeds, UK)
428. Okechukwu Eke, USA
429. Walter Bgoya, Publisher, Tanzania
430. Stella Okezie, UK
431. Dr. Cuthbert L. Nahonyo PhD, University of Dar es Salaam
432. Dayo Adebayo
433. Denis Kafulubiti
434. Andrew Kyabashasa
435. Evelyn Mkanda, Tanzania
436. Ajibola A. Dahunsi
437. Sankofa Folami, USA
438. Lydia T Adeleru
439. Mahesh Mawjee
440. Siaka Doumbia
441. Asma Eisa, Florida, USA
442. Kehinde A. Talabi
443. Alain Youmbi, Atlanta USA
444. Folakemi Adetunji, UK
445. Rajab Amis
446. Altaf D. Mapara, Toronto, Canada
448. Dr. Abi Olowe, USA
449. Annick Kamga, USA
450. Dr. Paul D. Ocheje
451. Felixon Olanrewaju Osun, Sr. USA Canada
452. Primus D Nkwera, RSA
453. Mr. Benjamin Temu, USA
454. Dr Ayeshia Achimugu
455. Chidi C. Wogwugwu
456. Bola Akerele St. Petersburg FL
457. Solomon B.Kusimo/ S.O., New Jersey, USA
458. Felix O. Morgan, Houston, USA
459. Tumi Ade, Calgary, Canada
460. Jo Keyamo, UK
461. Kierin Ombu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
462. Prof.J.A.Aladesanmi,Boston,USA
464. Haddison M. Lobe and Family of Houston, Texa
465. Abimbola Adegbite
466. Idongesit Ukpo -Minneapolis, USA
467. I. Basi, U.K.
468. Lolade Adesola - Nigeria
469. Dr 'Remi Ajibewa, Kent, UK
470. Tiziana Rosati, Italy
471. Sayali Kulkarni, India
473. Pedro Emmanuel
474. Ola Alabi
475. Mangi Mori, Berkshire UK
476. Mr Bola Akinrinade
477. Mrs.Sola Akinrinade
479. Margaret Akhabue, Atlanta, Usa
480. Emeka A. Ginikanwa, Houston TX
481. Ekpe A. Ekpe, U.S.A
482. Uwakwe J. Udeh, Houston TX.
483. Tamerut Deqebte, Houston.
484. Don Agu, U.S.A
485. Paulinus Okorochukwu, U.S.A
486. Cletus C. Esomonu, Houston TX
487. Emmanuel Asere, Houston TX
488. Sule O. Salawu, U.S.A
489. Kafayat Salawu, U.S.A
490. Ike Ogbonnaya, Houston TX
491. Mojola Otubaga, U.S.A
492. Molayo Otubaga, U.S.A
493. Mayowa Otubaga, U.S.A
494. Emmanuel Afuye, U.S.A
495. Anumudu Sergius, U.S.A
496. Josiah Olusanya, Houston TX.
497. E.N.Udo, U.S.A
498. Jonathan E. Amajirionwu, U.S.A
499. Emeka Akputa, Houston TX
500. Obii Abiakam, PhD. Houston, TX.
501. Richard Babson, U.S.A
502. Barock, Goshu, Ethiopia
503. Kebede Lukas, Ethiopia
504. O.C.Uzoigwe, U.S.A
505. Dr. Nathaniel O. Agola, Osaka, Japan
506. Clotilda Mulenga-Nyirenda
507. Prosper Kaberwa
508. Amaro Pombal
509. Dialle Mofa Takang, Coventry, UK
510. Holly Ferguson, UK
511. Alex Muumbo, Nagoya Unviversity, Japan
512. Ayo Eso
513. Bwalya Mwali, Brussels, Belgium
514. Lilian Imazenobe
515. Daniel A. Omonira, Dallas, USA
516. Tony Nwanze, France
517. Edwin Moghalu, California, USA
518. Willy Makundi, California, USA
519. Mr. B. Karenga, London, UK
520. Janet Peters
521. Moses Olubegnga Agboola, Houston, TX, USA
522. Dr. Tolu Aduroja, Atlanta, GA, USA
523. Joseph Omoremi
524. Abi Adeleke, Chicago, USA
525. Kennedy Saul, Boston, MA, USA
526. Joseph Kimani, Boston, MA, USA
527. N. Mtopa, UK
528. Maxwell Gyamfi
529. Dr. Babatunde J. Ayeni, St. Paul, MN, USA
530. Franck Ezhan, Boston, MA, USA
531. Chris Madu
532. Adulphus Okuzor, Atlanta, USA
533. Isaac Sechere
534. Victor Adewusi, USA
535. Wale Jegede
536. Dr. Tunde Ojo, PhD., Washington, DC. USA
537. Biodun Olabowale London, UK
538. Jibade Rabiu London, UK
539. Paul Lawal London, UK
540. Tope Dina London, UK
541. Theresa Abak-Ibebunjo
542. Joy Obialor-Egekwu, USA
543. Abiodun Olabowale
544. Biodun Kolade, London
545. Abi Kolade, London
546. Koko Akpata, London
547. Enina Akpata , London
548. Dr. Adenike Aina, PA. USA
549. Dr. Oluyemi Aina, PA. USA
550. Joe Odhiambo
551. Dipo Selesi CA, USA
552. S Bhadmus Abudu, Lagos, Nigeria
553. Miss Oyinlola Bhadmus, Lagos, Nigeria
554. Amaka Onyejesi, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
555. Andrew Kyabashasa
556. Labukun Fakeye, UK
557. Seun Aina
558. Chief Charles Amako, Houston, USA
559. Arlene Johnson, Washington, USA
560. Dr. Francis Eko
561. Babs Odumuye, Esq.
562. Kendall L. King
563. Diepiriye Ngogo Douglas, Brooklyn, USA
564. Dr. Oluyemi Owogold Kuku, California USA
565. Alex Enakhifo, Atlanta Ga, USA
566. Mrs. Linda Okorie, Houston, Texas
567. Dapo Ladimeji
568. Eze Sunny Udeh, Brooklyn, New York
570. Okey Abosi, Botswana
571. Olubunmi Oyetan, England
572. Sonny Onyegbula, Cape Town South Africa
573. Dr. Gbolahan Gbadamosi
574. Adeniyi Awosanya
576. Mr. Anthony Clement
577. Mr. Godwin Nnabugwu
578. Ms. Jennifer Skelly
579. Mrs. Helen nnabugwu
580. Dr. Aba Ebong
581. Mr. Patrick Ogunoh
582. Mr. Opinya Ekabo
583. Mr. Kolawole Olubodun
584. Mr. Barth Eke
585. Mrs. Naomi Olubodun
586. Mrs. Ndidi Eke
587. Chief Edwin Kaliku
588. Fr. Simon, Udemgba
589. Mrs. Patience Kaliku
590. Ms. Ada Obi
591. Mr. Charles Kaliku
592. Mr. John Obi
593. Miss Edwina Kaliku
594. Mrs. Juliana Obi
595. Mr. Blessing Akiri Young
596. Mrs. Florence Ezirim
597. Miss Angela Ikechukwu
598. Ms. Nkeiru Ezirim
599. Mr. Zamafa Chukwendu
600. Diana Ramsey Oduwa
601. Mr. John Moore
602. Ms. Sylvia Oduwa
603. Mr. Chris Nweke
604. Mr. Emeka Ojukwu
605. Mrs. Mary Nweke
606. Dr. (Mrs.) Ifeoma Ojukwu
607. Dr. Adeyinka Adedeji
608. Mr. Lanre Yusuf
609. Dr. Samuel Iroegbu, Esqr.
610. Dr. Ola Adewunmi
611. Dr. Chris Adigwe
612. Mrs. Stella Adewunmi
613. Mr. Samuel Ekpenyong
614. Dr. Bassey Essien
615. Dr. Deborah Eezzuduemhoi
616. Mrs. Elizabeth Essien
617. Mr. Steven Udo
618. Mr. Jude Ojukwu
619. Mr. Eloka Umeh
620. Mrs. Gladys Ojukwu
621. Ema Hailey
622. Mrs Ifesi Anyamene
623. Daniel Ofojebe, Torrance, Canada
625. Mrs. Taiwo Osipitan
626. Mr. Feyi Gaji, Esqr.
627. Mr. Tubosun Osofisan, Esqr.
628. Mrs. Kathy Gaji
629. Mrs. Adebayo Osofisan, Esqr.
630. Mr. Onykwere Ochi
631. Mr. Amen Omorogbe, P.E.
632. Mrs. Queen Ochi
633. Mrs. Tina Omorogbe
634. Mr. Steve Oladimeji
635. Mr. Ayo Gbenga Olayinka
636. Akintoye Olutunla
637. Mrs. Seyi Olayinka
638. Mr. Blessing Oki
639. Mrs. Rosemary Oki
640. Mr. Toyin Elefontuyi
641. Mrs. Bola Elefontuyi
642. Dr. Chike Nnabugwu
643. Mrs. Chinyere Nnabugwu
644. Adetunji Akinboboye
645. Dr. David Adewuyi, Albany, GA. USA
646. Omotola Edison-Edebor, Brooklyn Park, USA
647. A. Taylor-Harry, PA. USA.
651. Michael Okoluko, Canary Wharf, London
652. Isabelle Ombisi-Odegi, Kenya
653. Yemi Adegbite
654. Athanase Takam, Silverspring, MD, USA
655. Simee Akin, USA
656. Abiola Otoki, Nigeria
657. Kemi Otoki, Nigeria
658. Irene Otoki, Nigeria
659. Florence Chukumah, Nigeria
660. Ola Odutola, Nigeria
661. Jumoke Odutola, Nigeria
662. Sola Oloyede, Nigeria
663. Sumbo Savage, Nigeria
664. Bayo Ogun, Nigeria
665. Omowunmi Ogun, Nigeria
666. Tiwalade Akin-Olugbade, Nigeria
667. Babatunde Akin-Olugbade, Nigeria
668. Laduni Akin-Olugbade, Nigeria
669. Bolu Akin-Olugbade, Nigeria
670. Tolu Akin-Olugbade, Nigeria
671. Kola Akin-Olugbade, Nigeria
672. Dayo Amupitan, Nigeria
673. Dele Fagbamiye, Nigeria
674. Mike Bamidele, Nigeria
675. Frank Egboh, England
676. Henry Akinwale, England
677. Julie Apassa, England
678. Jemi AkinOlugbade, England
679. Beverly Otoki, England
680. Evie Otoki, England
681. Eva Gal, Holland
682. Dotun Kuku, Hollland
683. Demola Akeredolu, Nigeria
684. Stephen Kola-Balogun, Nigeria
685. Niyi Somoye, Nigeria
686. Cheryl Akingbade, USA
687. Segun Akingbade, USA
688. Chris Obeto, USA
689. Chriti Thorton, USA
690. Barbara Starchia, USA
691. Tokunbo Bosu, USA
692. Akin Oluwole, Nigeria
693. Abdul Sanni, Nigeria
694. Seyi Akinwunmi, Nigeria
695. Sola Adebayo, Nigeria
696. Sylveria Ijewere, Nigeria
697. Gregory Taiwo, Nigeria
698. Niyi Kehinde, USA
699. Ayo Akinpelu, USA
700. Kemi Akinpelu, USA
701. Toknubo A-Akinpelu, USA
702. Peter Pasheeda, USA
703. Cleo Mondesir, USA
704. Blanca Marco, USA
705. Thomas Nelson, Antigua
706. Nikki Doherty, Antigua
707. Kareem Doherty, Antigua
708. Grant Biggs, Antigua
709. Wayne Smith, Grenada
710. Estelle Smith, Grenada
711. Gerome Lett, Grenada
712. David Hanes Barbados
713. Glen Hamlet, Dominica
714. Mahalia Chewitt, Dominica
715. Leopold Sain, Bequia
716. Graften Cordine, St. Vincent
717. Brad Thickson, Canada
718. Nellie Linhares, Canada
719. Robert Bull, Canada
720. Ron Heres, Canada
721. Sonya Heres, Canada
722. Everett Bailey, England
723. Yemisi Busari, Nigeria
724. Bimbo Abiona, Nigeria
725. Fola Awokoya, Nigeria
726. Igbweze Egbuonu, Nigeria
727. Syndou Kouyate, USA
728. Bisi Oshikoya, USA
729. Comfort Omole, England
730. Abiola Adeyemi- Houston Texas
731. Omoboye Odu
732. Omotola Edison-Edebor, Brooklyn Park, USA
733. Dr. Emmanuel O. Keku, MD, MSPH, USA
734. Tankwa Tokha, USA
735. Theodora Gore, Los Angeles, USA
736. Keji Osubu, Los Angeles, USA
737. Carolyn Achilefu, Los Angeles, USA
738. Sophia Brittlenum, Los Angeles, USA
739. Dupe Otun
740. Isah Umar, Washington DC USA
742. Ben C. Arimah, Kingston, Jamaica
743. Prof. K. Datta-Bhatnagar, University of Botswana,Botswana
744. Hafza Gulam, US, Washington, DC, USA
745. Debra Taiwo
746. Ade Otenaike Nigeria/USA
747. Professor Felix Mnthali, University of Botswana
748. Enow Otto, Washington DC, USA
749. Funmi Masha
750. Dawit Yohannes, Africa Energy Group
751. Chris Onuoha, Pennsylvania, USA
752. Jacob Mann, Washington, D.C., USA
753. Rahmoune Essalhi, Washington, D.C., USA
754. Anyikem Asong, New York, USA
755. John C. Ndulaka, Baton Rouge, USA
756. Nsimbo Salim
757. Uche Bassey, Nigeria
758. Akin Olumuyiwa, Athens, GA. USA
759. Ijeoma Anusionwu, Washington, DC
760. Ebi Bozimo,Atlanta, Georgia, USA
761. Rashida Bello,USA
762. Dr Michael Dada
763. Mrs Eniola Dada
764. Josephine Lukoma, Oberlin, Ohio, USA
765. Rev. Chibuike Azuoru, USA
766. Wumi Iledare, Baton Rouge, LA
767. Joyce Iledare, Baton Rouge, LA
768. Dr. Albert Adjaottor, Houston, TX USA.
769. Pastor Beatrice Adjaottor, Houston, TX, USA
770. Ifeoma Obele, Washington D.C.
771. Patrick Sandji, Fl, USA
772. Mathurin G. Meillon, Washington, D.C., USA
773. Narcisse Meillon, Washington, D.C., USA
774. Dr. Felix Amadi, MD, Baytown, Texas, USA
775. Dr. Ademola Adeniji USA
776. Nick Chukwuma Anyanwu USA
777. Dr. F.T. Ogunsola
779. Anne Rinu, UK
780. Deji Akinsola, London
781. Alfred Smith
782. Stephone Frost
783. James Thomas
784. Benertt Marion
785. David Brown
786. Terrance Cumberbatch
787. Keith Wright
788. Linda Pringle
789. Lori Lawson
790. Nikie Nelson
791. Richard William
792. Willard William
793. Kahlid Stewart
794. Michael Fagbola
795. Nsimbo Salim, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
796. Jane Ngulukulu, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
797. Andrew Nwajei
798. Amaka Nwoga, UK
799. Tunde Loye, Snellville, Georgia, USA
800. Akuorkor Plahar
801. Mrs. I. Ogboro, Nigeria
802. Sade Loye, Georgia, USA
803. Tawia Hansen, Ghana
804. Udo Ibeh, Maryland, USA
805. Aondowase Anum
806. Charles Fuller
807. Evelyn Fuller
808. Ignatius Ogu, USA
809. Christian C. Nwachukwu, USA
810. Donald Eneje, Dallas, USA
811. Chinasa Ifeajekwu
812. Issy A Washington DC USA
813. Adebanjo Sonubi, USA
814. Yemisi Ogunro
815. Akua Opoku-Acquah
816. Tommy Beauzard
817. Wally A. Alubankudi, New Jersey, USA
818. Mr Wale Alubankudi, NJ USA
819. Mrs Oluyemisi Alubankudi NJ USA
820. Sikiru Alubankudi Lagos, Nigeria
821. Mr Tunji Abimbola, London England
822. Mrs Misi Abimbola, London England
823. Nic Fontem, USA
824. ngozi obiamaka
825. Dr Lola Odusanya-Obiaya, Chicago, USA
826. E. Kayode Fadahunsi. U.S.A
827. Bright Alawuru
828. Dr. K. Duru NJ, USA
829. Adewale Mafe
830. Albert Kenneth Oparaji, Key West FL USA
831. Dr. Babalola Olalekan, Maryland, USA
832. Mrs. Agathachristy N. Ojo, USA
833. Chief Nnaemeka Cy-Aninta, wASHINGTON, DC, USA
834. Wally Olugbenga Jeboda, Dallas, Texas, USA
835. Ike Chime, Finland
837. Amina Abdullah, Hamden, Connecticut, USA
838. Hafsah Daba, Hamden, Connecticticut, USA
839. Ololade Onabolu, UK
840. Joe Ezeokeke, California, USA
841. Dr. Tommy Ade' Koledoye, ST. HELENA ISLAND, SC, USA
842. Sean Smith
843. Dr. Femi Ajayi
844. Mrs. Julie Ajayi
845. Segun Ajayi
846. Shade Ajayi
847. Olayemi Adam, Doha -Qatar.
849. Ugonna Duru, USA
850. Dr. Olabisi Gwamna, Mount Pleasant, Iowa
851. Dr. Bitrus Gwamna, Mount Pleasant, Iowa
852. Christine Juuko, England
853. Godfrey Tanku Tachambong
854. Carla R. Anene
855. Nwanneka Anene
856. Prince Olabode Alfred Ajose, South Brunswick, NJ, USA
857. Wuraola Ajayi,Chicago USA
858. Kayode Ajayi, Chicago USA
859. Beatrice Kinyanjui
860. Ian Anene
861. Mazi Nnaemeka Madu, NY, USA
862. Mrs. Ije Madu, NY, USA
863. Nana Amo Kantinkrau Wilmington, Delaware, USA
864. Akabudu II D.N. Egwuatu
865. Chief Falilat Ogunkoya Osheku (MON), USA
866. Sesan Odufuwa
867. Mr. Shungu M. TUNDANONGA-DIKUNDA, Berlin, Germany
868. Sunday Ladipo (Malaika), Dallas, U.S.A.
869. Ayo Ayo-Vaughan, USA
870. Victoria Ayo-Vaughan, USA
871. KOLAWOLE M. ADIGUN, Chicago, Illinois, USA
872. Gerald C Igboanusi, Wisconsin U.S.A.
873. Edmund Chiedozie, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
874. Mrs R Remjebab
875. Dr Miss D Remjebab
876. Mr Dele Adeoba, MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S.A
877. Mrs Shakirat Adeoba, MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S.A
878. Mr Aderemi Adeoba, MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S.A
879. Miss Adetoun Adeoba, MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S.A
880. Master Adedeji Adeoba, MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S.A
881. Miss Adebola Adeoba, MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S.A
882. Ayodele A Kayode United Kingdom
883. Rev. Emmanuel Aderogimi, North Carolina, USA
884. Kissi Ntaye, BOSTON, MA, USA
885. Dr Alex C Ibezi-Enendu, Atlanta Ga, USA
886. Gabriel Lessor, California, USA
887. Moses Osheku, Germany
889. Emmanuel Oruche, New York,. U.S.A
890. Serge Sylvain Tcheuffa
891. Chizzy Nnamchi, Singapore
892. Albert nambaje, Kigali Rwanda
893. A. G. Nero
894. Pendo Amasi
895. David Adeniran, Nigeria
896. Dr. Ifeanyi Madu, New York, USA
897. Mrs. Joyce Harvey-Madu, New York, USA
898. Bernard Ogbuagu, San Francisco, USA
899. Dr Stanley Onye, Maryland USA
901. Bishop J.S Kazhila
902. Busola Ayodele Nigeria
903. Ekene Udeoji, Nigeria/USA
904. Sola Akinrinade
905. M. J. Ogundu
906. Kuete Bertrand (Cameroonian)
907. Peter Onime, Chicago, USA
908. Abdullahi Dauda, New Jersey, USA
909. Ukpai I Ukpai, Texas, USA
910. Dr. Emenike Nwankwo, NC, USA
911. Genevieve Thompson, Ghana
912. Nkem Ekeopara, Owerri, Nigeria
913. Guinness Ohazuruike, GABORONE BOTSWANA.
914. Abdul Dauda NJ USA
915. Tolu Okikiolu, Houston TX.
916. Charles Okechukwu Duruoha
917. Silvanus Ogunsanya, New York
918. Eunice Ogunsanya, New York
919. Dorcas Ogunsanya, New York
920. Anna Ogunsanya, New York
921. Ibrahim Abdulsalam, Nigeria
922. Afolabi Ajayi, Nigeria
923. Funsho Otubusen, Nigeria
924. Lindiwe Jenness
925. Dr & Mrs ADE AGORO
926. Chinwe Nmaezi Duru, New Jersey, USA
927. Louis Iheanacho
928. 'Yemi Animasaun, NJ,USA
929. Mr Jide Adebayo, UK
930. Mrs Kemi Adebayo, UK
931. Miss Lola Akiyode, UK
932. Miss Bukky Akiyode, UK
933. Eyitayo Babaniji
934. Temitayo Babaniji
935. Femi Babaniji
936. Dr. Emeka C. Okpala, Atlanta, USA
937. Gordon Rwenyagira-Tanzania
938. Bárbara Diaz-Munío Babaniji, Geneva, Switzerland
939. Mopelola Akiyode(Scotland)
940. Catherine Jackson
941. Kele Uwaegbute
942. Babbie Adewole, Maryland, USA
943. Name Olubunmi Kunuyi
944. Banji Aiyegbusi - Washington D.C., USA
945. Dr. Nike Odegbami-Ogunfiditimi, Atlanta, USA
947. Temi Joseph
948. Joe Attueyi, Lagos, Nigeria
949. Levi Lebechukwu Nnaemeka, San Francisco, USA
950. Sayi George, Houston, Texas USA
951. Joseph B. Macaulay
952. Dr. Johnny A. Mez,Sacramento, California, USA
953. Dr. Michael O. Ezekwe, Alcorn State University, MS, USA
954. Linda Sam-Olibale USA
955. Wale Ayodeji, Maryland, USA
956. Jekwu Jude Okpala
957. Steven Aladekoba, USA
958. Julius Ogachi, USA
959. David Isaac, USA
960. David Ochwangi, USA
961. Joseph Gitau, USA
962. Jared Nyaberi, USA
963. Julius Kipkorir, USA
964. Bernard Kiyieka, USA
965. George Ondicho, USA
966. Chris Morris, USA
967. Amy Morris, USA
968. Pauline Kamau, USA
969. Banky Akande, USA
970. Steve Kibwage, USA
971. Paul Njenga, USA
972. Ambrose Kimitei, USA
973. Bertha D. Yakubu, U.K.
974. Dr D.E.Yakubu, U.K.
975. Coffi Didavi
976. Victor Falade. Maryland, USA
977. Ike Okwuobi, Montreal, Canada
978. Sergius Oguns, Warri, Nigeria
979. Oke Oguns, Warri, Nigeria
980. Demilade Kola-Mustapha
982. Goke Aiyegbusi, MD, USA
983. Bola Aiyegbusi, MD, USA
984. Soji Adeyemi, MD, USA
985. Gbenga Agbelese, MD, USA
986. Biola Adeyemi, MD, USA
987. Bunmi Agbelese, MD, USA
988. Lola Folayan, Maryland, USA
989. Titus Folayan, Maryland, USA
990. Joseph Umeana
991. Solape Adio, Boston, MA, USA
992. Ayokunle SANTOS, Aberdeen, Scotland
993. Bosede Santos, Aberdeen, Scotland
994. Dr Mike Etomi, Charlotte,N.C, USA
995. Dr Toks Etomi, Charlotte,N.C, USA
996. Mrs. Patricia Wokoma
997. Chuck O. Egbune, Esq., Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
998. Haffis Banire Texas, USA
1000. Tayo Awokoya, England
1001. Isoken Omokaro, CA, USA
1002. Shola Amole, USA
1003. Joseph Danho, Cote D'Avoire
1004. Adesgun Akin-Olugbade, Cote D'Avoire
1005. Marie-Laure Akin-Olugbade, Cote D'Avoire
1006. Shola Lapite, USA
1007. Liz Lapite, USA
1008. Simbo Ojo, USA
1009. Shade Ajike, USA
1010. Sunday Dunkwu, USA
1011. Sade Akiode, USA
1012. Taye Igandan, USA
1013. Tolani Oshodi, Nigeria
1014. Victor Olumukoro, USA
1015. Wura Odutan, Nigeria
1016. Ayo Odutan, Nigeria
1017. Yomi Eko, USA
1018. Yomi Sonuyi, USA
1019. Janet Buchana, USA
1020. Yemi Akin-Olugbade, England
1021. Bade Akin-Olugbade, England
1022. Gloria Ibru, Nigeria
1023. Buki Ajilore, Nigeria
1024. Dike Akpapunam, Nigeria
1025. Wole Akano, Nigeria
1026. Femi Odutola, Nigeria
1027. Baguda Mohammed, Nigeria
1028. Rashidat Badmus, Nigeria
1029. Aminu Uba Orisa, Nigeria
1030. Aderonke Omorodion, Nigeria
1031. Busola Olugbake, Nigeria
1032. Yemisi Jinadu, Nigeria
1033. Remi Alaka, Nigeria
1034. Dade Akin-Olugbade, England
1035. Kehinde Smith, Nigeria
1036. Tunde Philips, Nigeria
1037. Bernard C. Nwaiwu, Dallas Texas, USA
1038. Forga Nwantoly Richard, N.W. Province, Cameroon
1039. Barrister Emenike Ibeh, Houston, USA
1040. Tope Dunmade, UK
1041. Engr. Simon Chukwudi M. Iberosi
1042. Mr Kenny Emeka Iberosi
1043. Mr Khan Abili
1044. Mrs Julia Abili
1045. Bola Mohammed
1046. Tony Abulu, N.Y. U.S.A.
1047. Edwyn Osamwonyi Igori. Italy
1048. Damien Mama, Cotonou, Benin (West Africa)
1049. Dr. Clement I. Anekwe, CT, USA
1052. Margaret Buraimoh, USA
1053. Qadri A, Lawal
1054. Rev. Augustine I Ogbunugwu, Houston, Texas, USA
1059. Mike OLAJIDE, Paris, France
1060. Sylvain LUTAMBI;France
1061. Tunji Bonuola, Canada
1062. Adebowale Fayemiwo, California, USA
1064. Kate C. Ogbunugwu
1065. Wole Alade, USA
1066. Obi Okoye, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
1067. Robert Acquaye, NJ, USA
1068. Sunday Ogwuyemi, Finland
1069. Michael Udoh, Houston, Texas, USA
1070. Elizabeth Udoh, Houston, Texas, USA
1071. Ayo Obilana
1072. Mike Taiwo, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
1073. Titi Taiwo, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
1074. Idowu kareem , Port Harcourt, Nigeria
1075. Femi Odunsi
1076. Yinka Ogunsanya, USA
1077. Sylvain A. Browa, Washington, DC, USA
1078. Adewusi Solomon Adewusi, NY, USA
1079. Ade Adenekan, USA
1080. Ike Anazodo, Dallas, Texas
1081. Femi Bali, GA, USA
1082. Lukman Giwa MD, USA
1083. Ogechi Guinness-Ohazuruike, Dallas, Texas
1085. Samuel Umoh, Houston, USA
1086. Charlotte Balliet, USA
1087. Chinwe Onyewuchi, USA
1088. Otii Onyewuchi, USA
1089. Gogo Onyewuchi, USA
1090. Vic Ezeanyim, USA
1091. Nwakaego Onyekwere, USA
1092. N'eka Onyekwere, USA
1093. N'kika Onyekwere, USA
1094. Oby Onyekwere, USA
1095. Ud Onyekwere, USA
1096. D'Rosa Onyekwere, USA
1097. Ami Onyekwere, USA
1098. Brittany Onyekwere, USA
1099. Ugonna Onyekwere, USA
1100. Adora Onyekwere, USA
1101. Bamba Onyekwere, USA
1102. Aunya Onyekwere, USA
1103. Eddie Onyekwere, USA
1104. Kechi Nnanemere, USA
1105. BENJAMIN IMHONDE, Dallas, Texas. USA.
1106. Chief Robert L. Brown, Jr
1107. Obinna Nwachukwu, Cheverly, MD, USA
1108. Martha NGIMBUS, Washington DC, USA
1109. Tunde Suleiman. Lived in Albuqueruqe, NM USA
1112. Kendall Mitchell, Maryland
1113. Isaiah Udomfu, Houston, Texas, USA
1114. Nagib Malik
1115. Musa Malik
1116. Damali Malik
1117. Rocka Malik
1118. Caiphus Moore
1119. Mabel Carmichael
1120. Judith Carmichael
1121. Jedidiah Carmichael
1122. Lynette Kelly
1123. Olga Simon
1124. Austin Letren
1125. Petagay Letren
1126. Boca Ture
1127. Umilta Lucre
1128. Mesfin Aman, Canada
1129. Fernande I, USA
1130. Vivene Younger
1131. Biodun Dada, Washington DC, USA
1132. Asha Ture Bediako, Tennessee, USA
1133. Alhaji W A Abiodun
1134. Darlene E. Harris-Phila.,PA-USA
1135. Lamont B. Steptoe
1136. Abdul Fatah O. Kadigun
1137. Edwin S. Wilson USA
1138. Shehu Musa Washington, DC
1139. Nana Mohammed, Nigeria
1140. Malik Umar, Maryland USA
1141. Ndiaga Diop-Senegal,West Africa
1142. Chris Chiwetelu, Calgary, Canada
1143. Charles Okehie
1144. Wale Ogunbekun, Lagos.
1145. Bukie Ogunbekun, Lagos
1146. Eniola Eyesan, Lagos
1147. Dr. Sam Eyesan, Lagos
1148. Bernice Adams, Pittsburgh, Penna, USA
1149. Douglas Humphreys, Houston
1150. Timothy O. Oladipo - London
1151. Gbolade Ogunseitan (Mrs) - London
1152. Tosin Victoria Naomi Lawrence (Mrs) - London
1153. Olusola Oladipo (Mrs) London
1154. Oluwole Olubusi - London
1155. Olufemi Dosunmu, NJ, USA
1156. Patricia N. Anekwe, Stratford, CT., USA
1157. Chuks F.Anekwe, Bridgeport, CT., USA
1158. Mr.. Zillang zillang
1159. Misbahu Rufai
1160. Enuma Duhu, Colorado USA
1161. Ola Adegoke, UK
1162. Mayo Ogedengbe
1163. Trudy Ogedengbe
1164. Anthony O Akintujoye, USA
1165. Victoria Olamikan, USA
1166. Dele Babatunde, Lagos, Nigeria
1167. Geoff. Madu, Dallas, Texas, USA
1168. Abraham Olaleye, Nigeria
1169. Gbemi Olaleye (Mrs), Nigeria
1170. Ifeoma Maduka, USA
1171. Humphrey Eke, London
1172. Joke Eke (Mrs), London
1173. Tunde Olorunfemi, Saudi Arabia
1178. Dr. Olawale M. Idreez, Chicago, USA
1179. Olusegun Tony Ogunkile, USA
1180. Joseph A. Ossai - San Jose, Calif. - USA
1181. S. K. C. Ogbonnia, Houston, Texas, USA
1182. Patrick Chukwuono, Houston, Texas, USA
1183. Bernard B. Ugwu, Houston, Texas, USA
1184. Dennis O. Ezema, Houston, Texas, USA
1185. Tunji Ajagun, London
1186. John Obegolu, San Francisco, California, USA
1187. Onyinyechi Obegolu, San Francisco California, USA
1188. Nebechukwu Nnaemeka, San Francisco California, USA
1190. Anthony Cole, Chicago IL, USA
1191. Segun Osoteku, Warri, Nigeria
1192. Esther Osoteku, Warri, Nigeria
1193. B. Gbesimi Efejuku, CA, USA
1194. Valentina Efejuku, CA, USA
1195. Pius Efejuku, TX, USA
1196. Rosebel Efejuku, TX, USA
1197. Gbubemi Efejuku, NY, USA
1198. Gerald Alor, Sweden
1199. Catherine Ngozi Agada, USA
1200. ndugu Imeh Inyang, Ottawa, Canada
1201. Rose Onoh, USA
1202. Stella Agada, USA
1203. T.Macumba Nyass, Alabama, USA
1204. Aloysius A. Attah, P.E., Dallas, TX, USA
1205. Salma Iddrissu
1206. IMAN Seraaj
1207. Felicia Edoga
1208. Samuel Adewusi, Washington, DC, USA
1209. Mary Yellowe Akarue, Sugar Land, Texas, USA
1210. Victor E. Akarue, Sugar Land, Texas, USA
1211. Monsurat O. Layeni, Hampton, VA USA
1212. Ade Dina, Laurel, MD
1213. Tayo Dina, Laurel, MD
1214. JOHN OSadolor, Businessday, Lagos, Nigeria
1215. Nike Adebo Gibbs, USA
1216. Mazi. Ray Chimezie, San Francisco, CA, USA
1217. Don B. Pratt, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
1218. Anthony Adekunle Osijo, Rhode Island,USA
1219. Feyi George Houston, Texas
1220. Dr. Yemi Onibokun.
1221. George Oyedele
1223. Olukunle Ajayi,Boston, MA. USA
1224. Andrew Toyo, Houston, USA
1225. Ike C. Okwesa, Reston VA, USA
1226. Jovita Achife, washington, USA
1227. Dauda Lawal Washington, DC
1228. Omolara Awofeso, USA
1229. Dr. M. O. Ene, New Jersey, USA
1230. Elias Udechime, Washington DC, USA
1231. Abdul Rashid Garuba, Nigeria
1232. Ola Ajibola
1234. Afa Adam Isa
1236. Taqiyyah Ellis USA
1237. Francis Ellis, USA
1238. Tunji Agbaje, Lagos, Nigeria
1239. Joseph Taiwo
1240. Clem Baiye
1241. Mike Redford
1242. Ufuoma Onoriode, Atlanta U.S.A
1243. Samuel Owolabi Houston TX U.S.A
1244. Bola Owolabi Houston Tx U.S.A
1245. Lola Owolabi 'Houston Tx U.S.A
1246. Dr A.A. Omofade Lagos Nigeria
1247. Samuel Adeyemi Houston Tx U.S.A
1248. Bola Adeyemi Houston Tx U.S.A
1249. kola Adeyemi Houston Tx U.S.A
1250. Bumi Ayoola Houston Tx U.S.A
1251. Tatibatu Ayoola Houston Tx U.S.A
1252. Bosede Folarin Houston Tx U.S.A
1253. David Willough Houston Tx U.S.A
1254. Adewunmi Omofade Lagos Nigeria
1255. Goyega Omofade Lagos Nigeria U.S.A
1256. Remi Willough Houston Tx U.S.A
1257. Kunle Sorunke Dallas Tx U.S.A
1258. Dr. Yinka Sorunke Newyork Ny U.S.A
1259. Lanre Obadina Houston Tx U.S.A
1260. Dr kunle Obadina Chicago Il U.S.A
1261. Adufe Oyetunji Houston Tx U.S.A
1262. Dr. Odion Ojo Houston Tx U.S.A
1263. Dr. Bose Ojo Houston Tx U.S.A
1264. Chief B . Owolabi Abeokuta Nigeria
1265. Pa Jm Sorunke Lagos Nigeria
1266. Pa Yemitan Lagos Nigeria
1269. Olusola Adio
1270. DShaikh Izuchukwu, NY, USA
1271. Chiajula ihesiaba
1272. Dr. Ismail Iro, USA
1273. Ray Chimezie
1274. Anthony Ogbodo Atlanta Ga, USA
1275. Dave omo-ozigbo
1276. Tom Olalekan Lawson
1277. Tunde Jarrett
1278. William Michael-Adikhai
1279. Ben Graves, Santa Monica, CA , USA
1280. Gizelle Graves, Santa Monica, CA , USA
1281. Serge Kita
1282. Frank E. Ekpar
1283. Balo Ola
1284. Sherrif Bankole England
1285. Hilda A. Aderoba (USA)
1286. Adeyemi Johnson,
1287. Eileen Hungiapuko
1288. Zillang Ya'u
1289. Edward A Muthir
1290. Joseph S Habu
1291. Ruth C Abraham
1292. Biama Sabiya
1293. Emmanuel Iheke, Sandiego CA, USA
1294. Douglas Calighan, MD, USA
1295. Melaine Calighan, MD, USA
1296. Benny Oye, Houston, Texas
1297. modupe akidele
1298. Okey I. Odinammadu, Catonsville, Maryland, USA
1299. Chris Anyagaligbo, Florida, USA
1300. Sherif Kabiawu, London
1301. A.R. Rufai
1302. Yinka Areago
1303. Martin Abadani, Silicon Valley, California, USA
1304. Anterus Eze
1305. Dr. Okanlawon M Onagbesan, UK
1306. Chuck E. Odili, Charlotte, NC, USA
1307. Muktar Aliyu, MD, Washington D.C
1308. John Ezeoke
1309. Folu Olamiti Ibadan, Nigeria
1310. Catherine Ifoma-Allene Anadu New Orleans, USA
1311. Tokunbo Williams MA, USA
1312. Krystal Williams MA, USA
1313. Edward Williams MA, USA
1314. Molly Williams NY, USA
1315. Tony Williams NY, USA
1316. Sunday Adeiga, UK
1317. Moji Adeiga, UK
1318. Henry Ajufo, MA, USA
1319. Joseph Ajufo Lagos, Nigeria
1320. Dupe Ajufo, Lagos, Nigeria
1321. Abass Ade Shittu, USA
1322. John Eze, MA, USA
1323. Olarewaju Thomas, MA, USA
1324. Steve Okolawo, MA, USA
1325. Adebisi Areago
1326. Olufunmilayo Rotimi
1327. Fidelis Okeke ,virginia,U S A
1329. Jennifer L. Wilding Lafayette, LA USA
1330. Anissa H Berridge, Lafayette, LA USA
1331. Shehu Kaura
1332. Rita Adaba, NJ, USA
1333. Katchioga Bediako-Davis, Memphis, TN, USA
1334. Lionel J. Davis, Memphis, TN, USA
1335. Dr.rer.soc.oec.Camillus Konkwo, Vienna, Austria
1336. Yinka Onagbesan
1337. Pauline Coker, Colchester, UK
1338. Ope Coker, Colchester, UK
1339. Ugera M Yesuf
1340. Cj Ndupuechi, London, England
1341. Ifeanyi Klas Udekwu, Sweden
1342. Oluwatoyin Abdul-Akim Ibrahim-Igbo, London, UK
1343. Dr Chinedu Madichie, Essex, UK
1344. Sunny Owairu, Los Angeles, USA
1345. Folarin Michael
1346. Martin Chukwudozie Iloh, Lagos, Nigeria
1347. Samson Akinyemi, London, United Kingdom
1351. Akin Bamidele,London,UK
1352. Aremu Alaaka, London,UK
1353. Ademola A. Owlabi, U.S.A
1354. Conroy Randolph Sr., Suffolk,VA USA
1355. Coker, Olufola, Lagos, Nigeria
1356. Kathryn L.Harris
1357. Paul Ogelema Abbey
1358. S. Iyalla
1359. B. Iyalla
1360. Dr. Sule Nformi, Dallas, TX, USA
1361. Morakinyo Bamidele-ALaaka, Ogbomoso Nigeria
1362. SUNDAY AJALA, Mushin,Lagos Nigeria
1363. MATHEW AJALA, Mushin,Lagos Nigeria
1364. KONE Tidiani, Côte d'Ivoire
1365. Zamijani Tokoin
1366. Gameli Atabuh
1367. Catherine Barnett, Brooklyn, NY, USA
1368. Prince Yomi Sijuade
1371. Folarin Ogunjobi, United Kingdom
1372. Sade Gbago
1373. Lanre Ogunba
1374. Ayodeji Sangobowale Essex, UK
1375. Foluke Sangobowale Essex, UK
1376. Oluyemisi O. Akintunde, Washington, DC, USA
1377. Kimberley L. Chandler, Houston, TX USA
1378. Agboke Oluwaseun -United states
1379. Oyeleye, Abiodun Festus, Lagos, Nigeria
1380. Lekan Bamiro, UK
1381. Abbey Olabowale
1382. Mustapha Seidu
1383. Temi DAWODU
1384. Moji Opaleye
1385. Natacha Loembe, United Kingdom
1386. Emeka Onuh, P. E., USA
1387. Lewis Okechukwu
1388. Victor Olabintan, California, USA
1389. Tamiko Olabintan, California, USA
1390. Erica N. Edwards, Sugar Land, TX USA
1391. oyewola bakare, pretoria, southafrica
1392. Nancy Ijemere
1393. Oladapo Agoro, Oakland, CA, USA
1394. Mr Ike Ofoche, UK
1395. Mrs Pat Ofoche, UK
1396. Dr. Nick Muoneke, Houston, USA
1397. Adeshola M. Akinwunmi, London, U.K.
1398. Barakat A. Akinwunmi, London, U.K.
1399. Roberta.D.Apire
1400. Ruth McQuillan, Edinburgh, Scotland
1401. Tunde Solanke
1402. Yewande Ashafa, London
1403. Onos Ekewenu, Houston, Texas, USA
1404. Babatunde Olawuyi Maryland, USA
1405. Dr. Chinedu IKE, Salzburg, Austria
1406. Christian Umeh, Miami Florida U.S.A.
1407. kego Onyido.
1408. Akwasi Aidoo, New York, USA
1409. Ayesha Imam, New York, USA
1410. Andy Mensah, Germany
1411. Folusho Ogunfiditimi MPH, PA-C
1412. Chief S. M. Touko, London, United Kingdom
1413. Rose Odula, New Jersey, USA
1414. Samuel Ademola Mokuolu
1415. Geir R.Pettersson, Norway
1416. Temitope Orebote, Maryland, USA
1417. Dr. Nonso Okereafoezeke, Cullowhee, NC, USA
1419. Oluwadamilola Awosika, England UK
1420. Anja semmler, Germany
1421. Remi Sangobowale, London England
1425. Fayowole W. Adeyemi. Vienna, Austria
1426. Chike Chiemeke, VIENNA , AUSTRIA
1427. Ejikeme Uzochukwu, Innsbruck, Austria
1428. Austin C. Okigbo, New Jersey, USA
1429. Dr. Chibo Onyeji, Ebreichsdorf, Austria
1430. Mag.Jacob Nwabueze Godwin, Vienna, Austria
1431. Dr. Adedeji Aganga-Williams, Vienna, Austria
1432. Chukwuma Allison Agu
1433. Segun sopitan, Boston, Massachusetts
1434. Ambassador Seni Soetan. Canada
1436. Engr. Oluyemi OGUNDELE, Vienna AUSTRIA
1537. Engr. Eugene Philips Okori Eggough, Vienna Austria
1538. Gradia Melrose Gbarbea, Albany, New York
1540. Dr. Matt J. Obegolu, Dallas, Texas, USA
1541. Dr Princewill Ojong Odidi, Florida, USA
1543. Henry Ngimbis, Germany
1544. Daniel Okonkwo. Washington D.C
1545. Dr. POGOSON, Ohioma
1546. Desnet Berhane Silassie, London, UK
1547. Odenigbo Chidi Anyaeche
1548. Adedayo O. Idowu (Esq.)
1549. Sam Etinosa Onaiwu, Toronto, Canada
1550. Ozii Obiyo, Austin Texas, USA
1551. Kola Anifowoshe, Dallas Texas
1552. Molly Hudson, Orlando, Florida
1553. Chukwuemeka Ihediwa, NY, USA
1555. Jacqueline Nwosu, UK
1556. Hajia Zainab Kogi
1557. Dr Emmanuel opara, Baker Louisiana, USA
1558. Omooba Adekunle Osiberu, Maryland USA
1559. Yemi Ajao, Nigeria/United States
1561. Dr Adebola Oyefeso
1562. Mr Victor Odumenya, London, England
1563. Weber L. Baker Jr. Dallas, Texas, USA
1564. Aderonke Samuel
1565. Judith L. Augustine, Killeen, Texas, USA
1566. Oliemen Abah, Toronto
1567. Rachael Abah, Toronto
1568. Philip Roth, Toronto
1569. Dr J Dina, Manchester, England
1570. Rume Kragha, Boston, Massachusettes USA
1571. 'Dejo Olowu, Indiana, USA
1572. Hillary Obino
1573. Eddie Agbandje, London
1574. Dyllis Adegbiji, Birmingham, England
1575. Wande Adesina, Lagos, Nigeria
1576. Adebayo Adesina, Lagos, Nigeria
1577. Magna Dyllis Adegbiji, England
1578. Daniel Ochonma, Munich,Germany
1579. Dr. Funmilayo Jones, Ewing, NJ
1580. David Olukayode Falayajo, Kaduna, Nigeria
1581. Abiola Falayajo, Melbourne, Australia
1582. Lawrence Mba Toronto, Canada
1583. Chief Charles Amuzie Atlanta GA
1584. Gabriel Ammah, Ghana
1585. Elizabeth Vivirito, Illinois USA
1586. Terronica T Wisu, Martinsville Virginia
1587. Mr Adesegun Thompson, London U.K
1588. J. Alayande
1589. Jackie Amacree
1590. Melba Torres
1591. Teresa Mull
1592. Bimpe North UK
1593. A North
1594. Sibanze Simuchoba
1595. M.O.Agoro Germany
1596. M. M. Agoro Germany
1597. J. M. Agoro Germany
1598. U. Agoro Germany
1599. M. T. Agoro Germny
1600. M. S. Agoro Germany
1601. A. A. Agoro Germany
1602. Adeyemi Oluseyi, Vienna
1603. Okechukwu Alagbor, Fort Worth, Texas
1604. Tunde Omotosho, Nigeria
1605. SEYI RAHMAN RABIU, Lagos, Nigeria
1606. chuchu Ike, Houston TX, USA
1607. Barbara Stewart, Kansas, USA
1608. Emeka Ononamadu
1609. Eunice Osu-Oviawe, UK, London
1610. Jones Oviawe, UK London
1611. Nosa Oviawe-Jones, UK, London
1612. Chinedu Ogoke
1613. Tunde Omotosho, Nigeria
1614. Augustine. A."Gus" Olalere
1615. Damola Akeredolu
1616. Segun Ogunyeye (UK)
1617, Oyefeso Folarin (London)
1618. Mr Bolawale Odunlami (United Kingdom)
1619. Tayo Akamo...Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1620. Mrs Kelechi Anaba, BA (Hons), London, UK.
1621. Dr Ayodele Scott, BSc, MA, Phd, London, UK.
1622. Eric Osuji, San Jose, CA
1623. Rebecca Armstrong
1624. Sola Soetan
1625. Ade Adebanjo
1626. Hellen Kerali, BSc, PGCE Uganda/Washington
1627. Miss Enifome Oshobe
1628. Zesseu T. Claude, Yaounde, Cameroon
1629. Emmanuel Chima Uche, Freiberg
1630. Ugochukwu Ogbonna
1631. Kennedy Kelechi Halams, MBA, Texas
1632. Michael Onojuvbevbo Edenedo, Ughelli, Nigeria
1633. Engr. Tony O. Nammor
1634. Dr. Seyi Oyesola, UK
1635. Rev. Kekere Peter
1636. Dr Francis Ohanyido, MBBS,PGDM, HHS, FIISS, Kaduna, Nigeria
1637. Oby Okoye
1638. Adesegun B. Oyesanya, MD, USA
1639. Onome Desalu, St John's, Canada
1640. Tope Esan, Philadelphia, PA
1641. Mrs. Ronke Desalu-Dottin, NY, USA
1642. Ola Olaniyi, New York, USA
1643. Nena Urum-Eke
1645. Alex Adekanmbi Michigan, USA
1646. Carlos Abreu Miami, FL. USA
1647. Uche Urum-Eke Brooklyn, NY
1648. Madeleine Urum-Eke Jamaica, NY
1649. Frederick Urum-Eke Jamaica, NY
1650. Victor Urum-Eke Atlanta, GA
1651. Terrance Parker Buffalo, NY
1652. Charlotte Azenabor Corona, NY
1653. Marilyn Olowe Atlanta, GA
1654. Ife Olowe Atlanta, GA
1655. Yetunde Carrena
1656. B. Sotande-Peters esq
1657. Bola Adeeko, USA
1658. Engr. Donald Utoh
1659. Abiola O Carrena
1660. Funmi Afonja, Cleveland, USA
1661. Ubani Ejindu Ukuku, Atlanta, 1662. Georgia, USA
1663. Ola Olaniyi - New York, USA
1664. Chioma Amaechi, London UK
1665. Tope Esan, Philadelphia, PA
1666. Mrs.. Ronke Desalu-Dottin, NY, USA
1667. Onome Desalu, St John's, Canada
1668. Dr. Bassey Ndem, Atlanta GA
1668. Odumosu Henry
1669. Susan Acen
1670. Kenny Bamigbola-Davies
1670. Waziri Utman, Romford, Essex, UK
1671. Ann Macauley, UK
1672. Lanre Oladitan, UK
1673. Joy Tope Ojogbo
1674. Tina Don-Pedro
1675. Sonny Edwards, Washington, DC
1676. Olamide Ogbara, Washington, DC
1677. Bayo Adeyemi
1678. TOLU SANGODELE, Lagos, 1679. Nigeria
1680. Funmilayo Dipeolu, London, UK
1681. Araba Pobee
1682. Bola Elegba-Bakare, London, UK
1683. Bukky Thomas, UK
1684. Seyi Odunlami, UK
1685. Kemi Dada (England)
1686. Adesuwa Uddoh, UK
1687. Funmi Desalu
1688. Yemisi Olaniyi, USA
1695. Mrs. Rajvarna Singh
1696. Grace Akande
1697. Felix Amoah-buabeng
1698. AKINSANYA MUTIAT from lagos,nigeria
1699. Gebeyehou, Zekarias
1700. Peju lamuye, USA.
1701. Wole Agbeja, USA
1703. Benjamin Opoku Agyeman, Woodbridge Va, USA
1704. Emelia Orhin, Woodbridge VA, USA
1705. Eric Korankye, Woodbridge Va USA
1706. Prisca Serwaa Akoto USA
1707. Olivia Nana Yaa Owusua, USA
1708. Douglas Calloway
1709. Georgina Owusu-Asiedu, Richmond, VA
1716. Mr David Ekpagha, London UK
1717. Mrs Christiana Sowemimo-Ekpagha, London UK
1718. Miss Abiodun Sowemimo, London UK
1719. Miss Omolola Sowemimo, London UK
1720. Miss Adebimpe Adeleke, London UK
1721. Miss Ola Adegebo, London UK
1722. Mrs Olubunmi Adekunbi, London UK
1723. Mr Kayode Adekunbi, Lagos Nigeria
1724. Christiana Sowemimo-Ekpagha London, UK
1725. Yemi Adeyemi, UK
1726. Nora E Osafo, CT USA.
1727. Ms Kike Boboye, Essex UK
1728. Mr Adebola Mogaji, Essex UK
1729. Ms Monioluwa Mogaji, Essex UK
1730. Sika Lawson, New York, NY
1731. Lande Gbadehan
1732. Bashy Lawal
1734. Mr Yomi Oyediran, Kent, UK
1735. Benjamin Opoku Agyeman, Woodbridge Va, USA
1736. Emelia Orhin, Woodbridge VA, USA
1737. Eric Korankye, Woodbridge Va USA
1738. Prisca Serwaa Akoto USA
1739. Olivia Nana Yaa Owusua, USA
1740. Michael M Atum, California US
1741. Engr. Mike Obasi, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1742. Mahamoudou Sylla, Montréal, QC, Canada
1743. Dr. Serge Novinyo Amega, M.D., Maryland, USA
1744. Anderson Manuel, Chicago, USA
1745. Ms Heidi Zimmer, Switzerland
1746. Madueke, Godwin O, MD, USA
1747. Ernest Crowder
1748. Nosa Ehigie
1749. Margaret T. Buraimoh, USA
1750. Amy W. Deigh, Maryland, USA
1751. Darius Ahoussi, Maryland, USA
1752. Jide Afolabi
1753. wale Kassim uk
1754. Sola Ishola
1755. Yolande Zaahl, Geneva, Switzerland
1756. Dr. Mike Okeke
1757. Omozo Ehigie
1758. Eghosa Ehigie, UK
1759. Wole Abu, VI, Lagos, Nigeria
1760. Uche Eze Nkatta Idika, Cameroon
1761. Andrew Owusu-Asiedu, Blacksburg VA, USA
1762. Prince Innocent Ikpe, San Diego,CA, USA
1763. Michael M Atum, California US
1764. Tina Ayeni, London
1765. Benjamin Okolo
1766. Tianna Sherman, Maryland, USA
1767. Dr. John Sessi, Hungary
1768. Peter Ihaza, Hungary
1769. Diana Bada, Budapest
1770. Pelthia Massee-Makgatho, Geneva, Switzerland
1771. Katina Marie Sam, Baytown, TX, USA
1772. Stella Agada
1773. Sylvia Ezeagba
1774. Rose Onoh
1775. Cathy Agada
1776. Ngohide Makurdi, Florida, USA
1777. Dr.Emmanuel T. Zagbla, Italy
1778. Ayo Adenuga, Silver Spring, MD
1779. Keke Adenuga, Silver Spring, MD
1780. Ronke Ibirogba
1781. Femi Adenuga
1782. Buki Adenuga
1783. Babs Ibirogba
1784. Bimpe Adeshina
1785. Dayo Adeshina
1786. Temi Ibirogba
1787. Mitun Adenuga
1788. Romoke Adenuga
1789. Shore Ibirogba
1790. Joju Ibirogba
1791. Francis Ubuane, London England
1792. Peter Bem Hembe Gbue
1793. KOUADIO HERVE LEON Abidjan, Ivory Coast
1796. Chuks Okoye, MaryLand USA
1797. Okeke Angus, AUSTRIA
1798. Fola Akinsehinwa, London, UK
1799. Lorraine Cotterell
1780. MICHAEL OGINNI, London, Virginia, Ontario
1781. Agbonlaho L. Iserhienrhien
1782. abdulmalik bolaji yakubu
1783. Marysheila Odey, USA
1784. Bridget Agi, Lagos, Nigeria
1785. Pamela Muojekwu
1786. Dimeji Bassir, Lafayette, LA
1787. Ushang Odey, USA
1788. Marysheila Odey, USA
1789. Innih Archibong, NY, USA
1790. Ranti Ikupiti, Lagos, Nigeria
1791. Ilokia Agaptus, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1792. Mrs Chioma Isaac
1793. Abubakar B. Mahmoud, SAN Kano Nigeria
1794. Prince Engr Odinaka Amobi Nigeria
1795. Martins Balogun
1797. Umeh Chimezie, Lagos Nigeria
1798. Marsha Smith
1799. Joash Amupitan, Iowa City
1800. Bankole Arowobusoye, Canada
1801. Remi Koleowo, Kent UK.
1802. Ronald Elly Wanda, Middlesex, U.K.
1803. Kingsley Okujagu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
1804. Priscillia Okujagu, United Kingdom
1805. Yemi Adeyemi, UK
1806. Anthony Nwaokeafor, United Kingdom
1807. Yemi Odunsi, Nigeria
1808. Bruce Branson, Williamsburg Va.
1809. Atuegwu Nzewi, Nigeria
1810. O'dyke Nzewi
1811. Emeka Gwolas Onukwugha, ME,P.E. Wisconsin, USA
1812. Debeia Duffield Holmes
1813. Mrs Patricia Williams, London, England
1814. Wise Kunle Alubankudi, Accra, Ghana
1815. Richard Samms, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1816. Umo Uko, Lagos, Nigeria
1817. Christopher Lungu, Zambia
1818. Rilwan H Abarshi, Abuja Nigeria
1819. Prophet Folayan Osekita, MBA
1820. Hilda rajab, Nairobi, Kenya
1821. Chigbu, Uchendu Eugene
1822. Chukwunyere Madu Innocent
1823. Joseph Constant, Michigan, USA
1824. Ibironke Louise Smith, Tampa, Florida U.S.A
1825. Christine N. Udeani, Chicago US
1826. Jean Francois MIGOLET, GABON, Africa
1827. Dr. Robert Sanda, Hail, Saudi Arabia
1828. Prince Favour Chuks, Seouls
1829. Obisike Onuoha
1831. Drs Michael and Ekuase Sanusi
1832. Dr Enock Noe NONVIGNON, Paris, France
1833. Edward Esiemokhai
1834. Olutayo Ifedayo Ajayi, University of Benin, Nigeria
1835. Kwame zulu Shabazz
1836. Helen Enobakhare, Attorney, USA
1837. Yvonne Tiandem, NC
1839. John Lindsay, Jr., Lexington, KY US


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