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Nigerian Legislators Cut their Pay 25%

Nigerian Legislators Cut their Pay 25%

Today’s News Release (March 11, 2015): Nigerian Legislators Cut their Pay 25% (details below).

We thank the Petitioners, whose Petition (we were told by reliable sources) is weighing heavily on the national government because of the upcoming elections. For those who are unaware of our petition, submitted May, 2014 and republished last month, February, 2015, here is the Petition:

While the cut is not enough, we must never keep quiet at the site of pure “lutocracy” and elected dictatorship. The bottom line is that we, the people of Nigeria, must know that the surest way to create and maintain a bad leader is for the people – the governed - to keep quiet at the site of bad leadership. In fact, no one will be good if goodness is not in demand. We must demand goodness from those leaders known to be bad and corrupt. Therefore, we must rise – individually and collectively, and demand good government by confronting evil wherever it may be. Let us together right the wrong. Let us together do justice. Let us together demand that our leaders serve us – the people of Nigeria, as the leaders in other OPEC nations serve their own people with prudent use of their oil wealth. Enough is enough!!! Here is today’s report on the 25% cut.



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