How Dr. Umez met Mrs. Igwilo: The History


January 23, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How I Met Mrs. Maria Igwilo


Mrs. Igwilo & Dr. Umez, Jan. 8, 2012

I visited home, Nigeria, on the 13th December 2008, and came back January 15, 2009. On my way back to US, I stopped at a friend's house in Lagos, Mazi Chidozie Uchendu (Chidon) for some days. On January 11, he asked whether I could attend his church with him. I agreed. By 11 am, we drove to his church, National Holy Ghost Church of Christ, located at 9b Adeyinka Allen Street, Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos.

During the offering, I saw a lady, who appeared to be in TREMENDOUS distress. Her name, I learned later, is Mrs. Igwilo. With sympathetic tears in my eyes, and a sense of helplessness, it occurred to me that this lady might receive some medical help abroad. Indeed, I remembered seeing on TV people in her medical situation receiving medical assistance in this country, USA.

After the service, I met with the pastor of the Church, Rev. Uche, who introduced me to the lady. During the meeting, I told them that I would bring Mrs. Igwilo's medical condition to the attention of some organizations and individuals when I got back to the US, with the hope that help could be found.

At the end of our meeting, I requested that her picture be emailed to me. Attached are Mrs. Igwilo's pictures, sent to me three days ago, January 20, 2009. I already sent her pictures to Ms Oprah Winfrey on January 21, 2009, through her website.

My brothers and sisters, I appeal to you, on behalf of Mrs. Igwilo and her family, for some assistance. If you have any suggestion or know any individual or organization or foundation that assist people in similar medical circumstances, kindly send the information to Let us help this lady; let us help bring her life back. Let us be her Angel!

Thank you very much for giving this appeal your immediate attention, and may God continue to bless you.


[PS: Mrs. Igwilo has received the surgery on March 10, 2009. The surgery went well. A second surgery, essentially for facial reconstruction is scheduled on August 25, 2009. Read the ANNOUNCEMENT below, for details.]


Bedford N. Umez, Ph.D.,
Department of Government
Lee College, Baytown, Texas 77522
Websites www.Umez.Com or
Phones: 281-425-6368 or 832-731-7061


February 5, 2009


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Medical Treatment Found for Mrs. Igwilo -- Appeal for Funds

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kennedy K. Okere of Horizon International Medical Mission, Inc., WWW.HIMM.ORG , has successfully arranged for Mrs. Igwilo to receive the much needed medical surgical procedure with a humanitairan organization, the MercyShips (

The procedure is expected to be performed by a team of American/European doctors, working with the MercyShips. MercyShips is currently stationed in Cotonou, Benin Republic. We are expecting the surgery to take place around the end of February, once Mrs. Igwilo provides some requested medical information (which we don't believe will be a problem). The entire surgical procedure will be a two-stage process -- i.e, two surgeries, each procedure will take about 3 weeks stay in Benin Republic.

We will need to provide transportation, accommodation, food, and miscellaneous funds for Mrs. Igwilo and her son whom we expect to accompany her for the treatment. Accordingly, we are asking for your generous donation.

To donate, kindly make a check/money order/bank draft payable to: "Arondizuogu Patriotic Union, Houston, Texas," with a note indicating that Mrs. Maria Igwilo is the beneficiary. [Note: Arondizuogu Patriotic Union, Houston, Texas is a nonprofit organization and has 501c status. As such, your donation is tax deductible. Here is the address to send your contribution: Attn: Mazi Ignacius Okoro, 14102 Imperial Wood Lane, Rosharon,Texas,77583.]

To ensure that all we do is transparent, the list of the donors and the total raised will be available at this website created for Mrs. Igwilo (see the list of the donors above). In addition, proper accounting will be rendered.

Our Gratitude

We would like to thank Dr. Okere who arranged for this procedure with MercyShips,, as well as Teddy Dike and Leo Ejiogu who took the case to Dr. Okere. We also thank those who have been referring this case to several doctors and charitable organizations. Needless to say, our collective efforts have produced the desired outcome, The MercyShips, whose team of doctors will do the surgery.

Thank you very much!



Committee on Restoring Health, Dignity and Hope to Mrs. Igwilo:

(1)Dr. Bedford Nwabueze Umez, President, Oji-River People's Forum, Houston, Texas, USA, Websites: , ,Email:, Phone: 832-731-7061
(2)High Chief Kennedy K. Okere, MD, President & Founder, Horizon International Medical Mission, Inc., Website: WWW.HIMM.ORG , ,
Phone: 912-308-8799
(3)Chief PrinceTeddy Dike, Vice President, Morgan Stanley, New York, New York, Email:, Phone: 917-359-9679
(4)Mazi Ignatius Okoro, M.A., President, Arondizuogu Patriotic Union, Houston, Texas, U.S.A, Educator; Board certified, Generic Special Education, Email: ,Phone: 832-282-2104 cell; 713-365-4190 wk
(5)Ms. Ijeoma N. Iwuorieh, MS, CEO, SDJ Medical Center, California, Email: , Phone: (909) 636-8678
(6)Eric Umeh, MS, Zennith Realty & Associates, Dallas, Texas, Email: ,Phone: 469-878-2555
(7)Mazi Uzochukwu Edwin Ukegbu, MBA, National President, Imo State Congress of America, Presiding Officer- Council of Igbo States in America (CISA), Email: ,Phone: 313-506-448



Mrs. Maria Igwilo

I, Maria Chinyere Obiora, was born on the 6th of May, 1949 from Ndiogbuonyeoma Ndibuche in Arondizuogu in Okigwe Local Government Area in Imo state...

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How Dr. Umez Found Mrs. Igwilo

Coming back to the US, January 2009, following my visit to Nigeria, I ran into Mrs. Maria Igwilo at the National Holy Ghost Church of Christ, Lagos....

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Sponsors of the Surgery

God uses us, His people, to do good. We must do good for humanity when you have the opportunity. Below are the Donors and Sponsors of Mrs. Igwilo's surgery.

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Committe on Mrs. Igwilo

For questions about the sponsorship of Mrs. Maria Igwilo's Surgery, kindly contact any of us the Committee members below. Thanks for your support.

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Mrs. Maria Igwilo - before the illness, during the illness and after the surgery


Proverbs 19:17

"One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed."


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"From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. May God bless all of you!"

- Mrs. Maria Igwilo